Chicago's DJ Sahaj Shah wins the B96 National DJ Competition

Chicago IL: Saturday, June 15th, The B96 Summberbash was held as a yearly concert held in Bridgeview, IL at Toyota Park which show cases performances from the Nations top Pop and hip/hop artist. The 2013 Summerbash consisted of acts from NE-YO, Demi Lavato, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Avril Lavigne, Afrojack, Cher Lloyd and many more.

Prior to the show, The Pre Bash Stage at the B96 Pepsi Summerbash hosted the Boom Entertainment & B96 National DJ Cometition, where DJs from across the nation, squared off to be the number one contender to represent their city after submitting their entry videos for selection. After hundreds of entries, 5 were selected to qualify into the Semi-Finals. The competitors were Dj Kwest (CA), Dj B (IL), Dj So-Real (IL), Dj Midas Touch (TX), and Dj Mr.Shaw (IL). The Semi-Finals round took place live at Toyota Park in presence of Celebrity Judges such as Dj Flipside (Jumpsmokers & B96 Mixmaster), Trentino (2013 National Redbull Thre3Style DJ Battle Winner), Dj Speed, Marquee (Jumpsmokers) + many more. The enthused crowd of 5000+ screaming fans applauded the top two contestants remaining. Once the competition was over, one DJ that walked away the
winner. He is Chicago’s representative, DJ Mr.Shaw (Sahaj Shah).

Dj Mr. Shaw Interview with Chicago Press and Media

Q1: Lets start off by asking you where your from?
Mr.Shaw: I’m born and raised here in Chicago, IL. Proud to be from this city!

Q2: What does this Title of being the 2013 National Boom & B96 Champion mean to your background as a DJ?
Mr.Shaw: The absolute world! I felt as if competition this year was pretty stressful with the talent that came swarming into chicago from California and Houston. So it means a lot in terms of how hard i worked to make sure i took it home this year.

Q3: Last year you competed in the same battle and came second, what was the difference maker this year?
Mr.Shaw: I was just prepared. I knew what i had to do and i knew who was judging me so i knew i had to step it up. My family also was present so that was also a huge motivator for me to impress.

Q4: How many hours of preparation did you do for your sets?
Mr.Shaw: The week of, i probably spent 30-35 hours in the studio programming my tracks, piecing audios together, and perfecting my stage presence. But thats all behind the scenes stuff. It’s all worth it.

Q5: After they announced the winner and you came off stage, we saw you were hovered with paparazzi, cameras, even fans wanting a picture and a autograph! How does that feel for you?
Mr.Shaw: Its a blessing, and a feeling that is indescribable. I am no where near of being famous, that’s what i keep reminding myself because i see that once people (DJS/Celebrities/Singers etc) start to think that, the ego is never ending and thats something i don’t want. The ones that asked me for a picture really are the ones that keep me motivated to do my best! I never want to turn down someone asking me for a picture or a autograph. Im their fan just as much as they are fans of mine, and i want people to know that.

Q6: You will now be on 96.3 FM (B96) on a given night for the famous B96 Street Mix, can you explain about that?
Mr.Shaw: Its a honor. The b96 street mix is a friday/saturday night DJ session, that is LIVE from 10PM-4AM on 96.3FM that airs to 3 Million people in chicago. Having a guest set on the street mix is a dream come true. The DJS on the street mix are amazing, just a blessing to be apart of their team for a night.

Q7: What is your ethic background/culture/race etc. and how does that effect you as a DJ if any?
Mr.Shaw: I love this question because theres so much to say about that! I’m indian, and the stereotype alone is more then enough. Were doctors, lawyers – good at math, and science. & here i am being a DJ. Why? At this point, i would have to say because of the passion for music. Its not a easy thing to prove to people that this is something that can work out. Winning this battle is just another plus for me to tell people that it is possible. And..what isn’t possible.

Q8: Whats some advice for aspiring DJS or musicians?
Mr.Shaw: ill repeat it over and over, stay humble. I sometimes forget, but thats just my competitive nature to make it to the top, but 99% of the time, i constantly will remind myself to remain humble. Secondly, be patient. Patience is a key virtue, and for those that practice and perfect themselves through being patient, the reward will be great. Speaking from my experience. Lastly, practice, practice, practice!

Q9: What can we as audience look forward to?
Mr.Shaw: ALOT of things. Ill be releasing many mixes and videos of my performances. Ill also be starting a tour of my own, real local around the states playing nightclubs. And the goal from here is to climb the ladder! Follow me on twitter at @MISTERSHAW1 and keep up with me!

Q10: Anyone you want to thank?
Mr.Shaw: Yes! First most, My Parents, Sunil and Rita Shah for really believing in me. Their support in me doing what i love just makes this win that much better. Also my brother Swapnil Shah for being that third parent and best friend for guiding me in the right direction.

Boom Entertainment and the entire crew. They have worked countless hours all year to make this event such a success on a grand scale. All of those guys have given me the opportunity to really prove myself and i can’t thank them enough.

All the DJS that have support my sounds and career so far. Big shoutout to Dj Flipside, Dj Metro, Dj Simone, Dj Speed, Marquee, Josh R, and the whole B96 Crew for always giving the right advise when needed.