01-13-2018 Lohri festival: Celebrations of fertility and magnificence at Hari Om Mandir

Lohri celebration - Asian Media USA Chicago IL: Unprecedented crowds thronged the Hari Om Mandir, Medinah, IL on January 13th to celebrate the vibrant Festival of LOHRI!!! This Festival has always been celebrated in HOM in the Traditional North Indian Style, with the favorite foods, clothing, songs, customs etc. of Punjab. This year too, despite the very cold & frigid temperatures, Devotees from far and wide, in unexpected numbers – close to a 1000, came to… » Read more

01-01-2018 Hari Om Mandir celebrates New Year with Akhand Ramayan Path

New Year Celebration at Hari Om Mandir - Asian Media USA Chicago IL: January 1st 2018 started off with a Bang in the premises of Hari Om Mandir, Medinah, IL. Huge crowds gathered in the Temple to seek Blessings from God Almighty on this auspicious day, and prayed for a healthy, wealthy and prosperous Year ahead. Unlike the tradition from past years, (Akhand Ramayan Path), HOM, this year, had organized “Sunderkand Path” on the 1st of January. Singers from India, along… » Read more
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