Governor Quinn and LT Governor Simon honor Amma Sri Karunamayi

Chicago IL: Internationally recognized humanitarian Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi, was honored by both Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon at their downtown offices in the James R. Thompson Center, this Wednesday evening, June 5th 2013.

Upon arrival, former Deputy Treasurer of Illinois, Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthi, and renowned pulmonologist Dr. Krishna Sunkara from Chicago, greeted Amma and her party, including Her Holiness’s personal assistants Ms. Vijaya Sindhuri Pulipati and Mr. Michael Stasko.

Amma and the Lieutenant Governor shared heartfelt exchanges in a loving first meeting sealed with an embrace from Amma. Lt. Gov. Simon was joined by her husband, Mr. Perry Knop, and Chief of Staff, Ms. Kati Phillips.

Her Holiness spoke on the importance of charity in our world and shared some of the details surrounding her many humanitarian projects, which include free housing programs, free schools, a 100-bed free hospital, water treatment projects, disaster relief programs, free food and clothing distributions, leprosy care, remote medical care, women’s welfare programs and numerous peace initiatives.

Lt. Gov. Simon then honored Amma by presenting Her Holiness with the “Woman of the Year 2013” Award, in recognition of her selfless service to humanity and her inspirational life dedicated to leading the people of the world towards unity and harmony.

The evening continued as Mr. Krishnamoorthi introduced Her Holiness to Illinois State Governor Pat Quinn in another momentous meeting embellished by the exchange of warm smiles between the two leaders. Governor Quinn commended Her Holiness for the vast and far-reaching humanitarian projects that she has established across the globe with no limitations in regard to race, social standing, religion or gender. The governor singled-out Amma’s work in the area of free health care and applauded Her Holiness on establishing and sustaining a 100-bed free hospital in a remote region of the Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Governor Quinn continued by praising Amma for Her Holiness’s “…keen guidance and unwavering commitment to serving those in need.” Governor Quinn then proceeded to present Amma Sri Karunamayi with an Official Proclamation from the State of Illinois, punctuating their first meeting and formalizing his “…best wishes for continued success in service to the global community.”

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