AARI Annual Diner Highlights the Impact of Obama care on Medical Professionals

Chicago, IL: On Sunday November 25, 2012, the American Association of Radiologists of Indian Origin (AARI) held its annual meeting and dinner at Gaylord India Restaurant located at 100 E. Walton Street in the heart of downtown Chicago. Over 150 radiologists from America and abroad attended the event.

AARI Mission is to provide support and information helpful to the needs of American radiologists of Indian origin and to function as a venue for charitable, educational, cultural and networking activities, for members to share common ideas and discuss mutual concerns. AARI started in 1975 and functions as a venue for charitable, educational and cultural activities. Furthermore, it creates a forum that allows members to share common ideas and discuss mutual concerns.

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Swaminathan, who is Past President of Illinois State Medical Society highlighted the future of Radiology and new sweeping changes coming to the Medical field in view of Obama’s re-election. Larger share of health care budget will be consumed by changes taking effect in Obama care. This will increase Medicaid enrollment amounting up to 50% of healthcare budgets. Due to low rate of re-imbursement by Medicaid and to decrease the overhead, trend will continue towards decreasing independent practitioners and increasing number of employment type working contracts. Most adverse effect due to shrinking revenue will be felt by independently owned imaging centers. He asked the radiologists to be proactive and join political action committees. This was followed by a question and answer session.

Highlights of Advances in Radiology presentation was followed by the sponsor Sanjeev of Meddiff Technology private Ltd (www.meddiff.com) headquartered in Bangalore, India Past presidents, Visiting Radiologists from India and England were recognized by Dr. Rodriguez.. Curtain fell after Vote of thanks and Sumptuous dinner.

AARI executive team includes Rajeev Suri MD (President), Ajay Sood MD (Vice President), Roger Rofrigues MD (Secretary), Roger Rofrigues MD (Treasurer), Vivek Mishra MD (Membership Committee), Ajay Sood, MD (Foreign Medical Graduates Committee), Ajay Sood, MD (Website Committee), Sridhar Shankar MD

About The AARI
The American Association of Radiologists of Indian Origin (AARI), with over 3,000 members, is a thriving, growing organization dedicated to the issues important to Indian radiologists in America, to the betterment of radiology in our homeland and to the improvement of radiological medicine, research and service in America. For further information contact. Roger Rofrigues MD Phone: 630-887-7812 E-mail roger7@earthlink.net
Web site: http://aariusa.org/joomla/index.php

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