Indian Senior of Chicago Enjoys MahaRudra Abhishek with 121 Pandits in IA

Chicago IL: Indian Senior of Chicago Enjoys MahaRudra Abhishek with 121 Pandits in Maharishi Vedic City, IA. The atmosphere was surcharged with bliss and silence on Sunday, July 22 as 96 members of the Indian Senior Group of Chicago witnessed a MahaRudra Abhishek with 121 pandits in Maharishi Vedic City, IA. The pandits are among the 1000 pandits in Maharishi Vedic City who have been specially trained for the purpose of creating invincibility for the US and India.

The historic visit was organized by CV Desai, (Treas. of Seniors Group), under the guidance of New Paradigm Tour Steering Committee Chairman Bhailal Patel, along with Narsibhai Patel (Pres.), Rasik Shah (VP) and Hirabhai Patel (Secy). Everyone enjoyed a most joyful event.

Yash Desai commented, ““I was closing my eyes through the Maha Rudra Abhishek. I had the feeling of the Lord shining inside me and was crying with tears of joy.”

Hema Shastri said, ““The MahaRudra Abhishek was excellent. It was my first time seeing 121 pandits. Even though I am a Brahmin, it was new and wonderful to me.”

Usha R. Vakharia, MD remarked, “Yagya was very nice experience, especially here in USA, to hear so many pandits recite so many slokas. And to hear so far from India and they were all young pandits, even, who are so enthusiastic about what they came here to achieve, national invincibility……The neuroscientist Dr. Fred Travis made a lot of sense.”

The group arrived Saturday afternoon at the Argiro Student Union of Maharishi University of Management (accredited through PhD level with students from over 90 countries.) Jon Lipman, AIA, told of the principles of Vaastu architecture based on Sthpatya Veda, the Upaveda of Atharva Veda. The group asked brilliant questions, and Dr. Lipman gave brilliant answers on the importance of eastern entrances, brahmasthans, and correct proportions. Dr. Lipman, the main architect on campus, told of the “fortune-creating” nature of Maharishi Vastu homes and buildings.

Neuroscientist Fred Travis, PhD, gave a live demonstration of the brain waves of grad student Vivek Iyyer practicing Transcendental Meditation. Dr. Travis told of the three major types of meditation and their correlated brain wave patterns. Oft-practiced “Focused Attention” activates the brain centers concerned with focusing, and vibrates at 40-50 cycles per second. This patterns are found in techniques that involve concentration and control.

The second pattern of theta activity at 6-8 cycles per second, is associated with contemplation and is seen in mindfulness and vipasanna meditations.

Thirdly, Transcendental Meditation uniquely represents a new pattern of functioning which simultaneously enlivens all areas of the brain, “whole brain thinking.” In particular, the pre-frontal cortex, the “CEO” of the brain, shows highly coherent Alpha-1 activity throughout the TM practice. Uniquely, this technique is effortless; Dr. Travis calls this “Automatic Self-Transcending” and labeled it a major state of consciousness, different from waking, dreaming and sleeping, or “turiya”, the “samadhi” laid out by Maharishi Patanjali in his cognition of “Yoga Sutras”. During the practice of TM, the body achieves a state of rest much deeper than the deepest point of sleep, also contributing to the cascade of health benefits, including less utilization of medical interventions.
The group enjoyed Q and A with Dr. Travis, including the in-depth questioning by Rasik Shah, who said, “I was never exposed to Transcendental Meditation (of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) before and learned the concepts of TM. I loved Maharishi Vedic City and the principles behind building Vaastu buildings.

“One of the things I noticed was the degree of spirituality was correlated with different brain wave frequencies and patterns (alpha, gamma, theta). “I will never forget the hospitality shown by Greg James, Bob and Carol Markowitz, Eloise Raymond, and everyone, it was unbelievable.

“The ambition of Global Peace is wonderful and I hope that one day it is achieved. I pray that Maharishi Vedic City can get all the help they are hoping for. “ Rasik Shah

The group was thrilled with tours of the Vaastu homes in Maharishi Vedic City, and saw the vast greenhouses where Vedic organic, non-GMO food is grown 24/7/365 and sold to Whole Foods, etc., in Chicago and Des Moines.

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment is one of the top private schools in the US. Its Principal, Richard Beall, outlined how all children begin and end the school day with Transcendental Meditation (TM). This makes the students relaxed, attentive, and socially mature. The students win many national and international competitions.

The next MahaRudra yagya is scheduled on the Vedic Visitors Weekend on Sept 21-23. Space is highly limited, and bookings are done on a first-come, first-served basis. A generous donation will be welcomed to offset expenses of the pandits, including winter clothing, food, building pandit rooms and halls. For more information and to apply: and .
To participate in monthly Yagyas to promote national invincibility and fulfill individual desires, log onto . People are reporting huge personal benefits by contributing some amount monthly to these national performances that simultaneously help support the pandits in US and India.

For more information on TM in greater Chicago: or call 773-324-8695.

(Five pictures follow, with captions)
#1 Above: Greg James, Vivek Iyyer, Dr. Fred Travis, Bhupendra Dave discuss Neuroscience
#2 Below: Dr. Usha Vakharia and Yash Desai in MUM audience
#3 Below: Group Photo outside of Ladies Meditation Dome at Maharishi University of Management
#4 Below: Group Photo of Maharishi Vedic Organic Greenhouse
#5 Below, end: Dr. Richard Beall, speaking on success of Veda-based K-12 Curriculum

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