South Asians receive overwhelming support for 4th of July Celebration in Edison, NJ

Edison, NJ: Prominent public officials, Leading community leaders and business owners extended their full support to the forthcoming US Independence Day celebration scheduled to be held on 4th of July at the sprawling Municipal Park, also known as Papaianni Park near Edison Municipal Complex in Edison, NJ. “Edison Township is going to witness a great event being organized by the South Asian community”, said Toni Ricigliano, Mayor of Edison. “Both USA and India won their independence from the British. It is heartening to know that the people of South Asian community are as enthusiastic about celebrating the Independence Day of USA as they celebrate India’s Independence Day on 15th August every year.”

The Mayor of Edison along with NJ Senator Sam Thompson, Upendra Chivukula and a number of county and local officials made their appearances to express their support at a kick-off function organized by South Asian Community Outreach, a not-for-profit organization spearheading the celebrations. “This celebration is very significant as it is an expression of love and faith of the South Asian community, whose members have contributed a great deal in sustaining the economy of New Jersey”, said State Senator Thompson.

Sam Khan, Founder of the SACO pointed out that the South Asian community is moving forward to be a potent force in the mainstream American society. “We are connected with our roots while making our contributions as responsible citizens of the United States”, said Khan, who has galvanized the community to play an important role in integrating diverse ethnic groups in Central New Jersey. He said that ‘Unity in Diversity’ was the motto of his organization. “People of South Asian origin are proud to be part of American culture”, said Shrujal Parikh, General Secretary of SACO. “We are celebrating the American Independence Day as our way to express our gratitude to our adopted country”, he said.

Leading community leader and Philanthropist Piyush Patel, chairperson of SACO, sent his message through his emissary in which he promised to hold a spectacular show on 4th of July. He pointed out that the South Asian community was committed to play a prominent role in improving the US economy. “We worked hard to achieve success in life and making a better world for our children. The future of USA depends on united efforts by all sections of society.” Atma Singh, president of SACO, welcomed guests at the event and invited everyone to the grand celebration on 4th of July. Introducing business owners of all communities, he urged to make impressive representation of various communities that made New Jersey their home.

Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan, Executive Vice-president promised an entertaining day for families and fun seeking youths. “We will showcase cultural programs representing American and Asian cultures. As the sun will set on the horizon of the lake the visitors will be greeted by spectacular fireworks which will glow the sky for extended period of time. Everyone will enjoy the show”, he informed the audience amidst cheers. The youthful executives of ‘South Asian Community Outreach’ mingled with guests who seemed very enthusiastic about participating in the show. “We are expecting ten thousand spectators to be part of the celebrations”, said Seema Jagtiani, who is responsible for mobilizing participation from vendors and cultural groups. She said that the vendors were reserving their spots in big numbers. “We welcome them to be part of our program which will be added attraction”, she declared.

Sam Khan concluded, “Our efforts will bear fruits soon as SACO emerges as a powerful organization representing one of the most visible sections of American society. We will become a force to reckon with in a variety of ways in addition to serving our community for economic and cultural development.”

About SACO:
The mission of South Asian Community Outreach has been widely supported by the local community. SACO is committed to celebrate all Indian, Asian and American festivals with an objective to integrate various cultures and ethnicities who live together in this country.
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Photographs and Press release by: Sarvesh Dharayan, (Vice President), Ashok Ojha (Media Chair) and Sam Khan (Founder & C.E.O)

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