Brahma Premananda Ashram Celebrates Vaishakhi Mela

Chicago, IL: Brahma Premananda Ashram (BPA) Temple located at 31W211 IL Route 58 (Golf Rd.), Elgin, IL celebrated First Mataji Mela and Budha Jayanti event on the auspicious Vaishaki Purnima Day, on Sunday May 6th, 2012. A full day events were scheduled starting from 7am – 1pm and then 4pm – 8pm. Morning events started at 7am with 2 miles Padyatra to the Temple by group of devotees. Full day events included Kalash Puja, Dhaja Puja, Mataji Havan, Bhajan/Kirtan, Garba/Raas, Fireworks for Kids and unlimited supplies of popcorn and cotton candy was freely available.

Over 400 plus visitors were able to take part and get blessings from the Mataji, Swamiji and Madi throughout the day. Mela was blessed with nice weather as most of the heavy rain miraculously came before and after all of the planned outdoor activities including Havan, fireworks for the kids and Raas/ Garbas. There was something for everyone throughout the day including beautiful singing, music as well as delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner (Mahaprasad) accommodations. Many visitors left the temple stating that they felt as if they had just visited Vaishnav Devi. We want to appreciate Seva of all Key Sponsors and hard work of many Volunteers including Abhay Thakkar, Bhanuben Patel (Masi), Dr. Jayshree & Ravinder Raju, Manoj Shashikant Patel, Hitesh Thakkar to name a few.

Brahma Premananda Ashram (BPA) Temple has been celebrating all Hindu religious festivities since purchasing the temple in April, 2009. Prior to having the temple, devotees of the temple met at a personal residence in Schaumburg for past 15 plus years. Swami Vishwa Premananda (Swamiji) is the inspirer of this temple in Elgin as well as the first temple in Portland, Oregon. Portland Hindu Temple was purchased back in 1991. In June of 2011, over 500 visitors came to BPA temple in Elgin to take a part in the Pran Pratishta Mahotsav spread over two full days of Puja services. Visit the temple for darshan of Lord Radha Krishna, Durgaji, Jalaram Bapa, Lord Buddha, Mother Merry along with Jesus, Ram Darbar (Ram, Laxman and Sita Mata), Hanuman Dada, Ganeshji, Shankar-Parvatiji, Gayatri Mataji, Saraswati Devi, Balaji, Mata Padmawati, Kartikeya and Venkateswara. Among all these Statues, Five are Bigger ones and rest are smaller ones. All programs at the temple including daily Sandhiya Aarti and weekly Mataji Havans on Sunday are always open to all as there are no memberships or other restrictions imposed.

According to Indian Culture, people visit with their children the temple for taking blessings on Auri, Ahhabada, Chickenpox, with a view to continue traditions of Dharma. This temple was established by Swamy Vishwa Premanandji in the year 2009 on Apil 9th. Before that the beginning was made at the hands of Guruji at Schaumburg on small scale in 1992. From 1997 onwards Swamiji resides in the Ashram. His another Ashram is in Portland, Oragon. In the premises of the Ashram a tree was planted by Guruji and it is experienced that taking round (Pradakshina) of the grown Tree gives peace to the mind of all and on every Sunday Mataji’s Havan Takes place over there. On every Monday Abhishek on Shiva takes place and many Devotees take advantage of the same.

Brahma Premananda Ashram (BPA) is located in the five and half acres of landscape surrounded by 1000s of trees providing positive divine energy. The temple is capable of hosting private puja or personal events to accommodate group of any size including our beautiful outdoor seating arrangements. BPA temple recently added all season indoor Yagya Shala or Havan room where weekly Havans are performed. Our temple coordinator Dixit, Madi, has been blessed by Swamiji to provide puja services at the temple, at personal residence or at business locations. Madi has been performing various pujas including Satyanarayan Katha, Ganesh Puja, Bhumi Puja, Navgraha Puja, Shantipath, Namkaran, Mundan puja, and all other Hindu rituals. Main Trustee is Bharatbhai Thakkar and another one is Bhagwat Thakkar.

Upcoming Event: Purnima tithi Samuh Satyanarayan Katha on Sunday, June 3rd starting at 5:00pm. Please contact Madi to participate or schedule your private Puja services at 847-533-0327 or at