Grand Opening for Furqaan Academy's New Location

Without an education, the distance you go in life can be measured. With an education at the new Furqaan Academy located at 519 East Briarcliff Road in Bolingbrook, the distance you go in life will be vast and immeasurable. Its new location’s Grand Opening was held on January 15th at 1 pm to 3 pm, and was open to Dignitaries from various Islamic Organizations, media, students, and parents.

The Furqaan Academy’s new location is held at a three-story building that contains 18,000 square feet neighboring a Baptist Church. The Furqaan Academy moved to its new location on January 3rd. What a great way to start the New Year for the Al-Furqaan Foundation!

The Grand Opening ceremony began with prayers and was then accompanied by a recitation of the Quran by one of the Academy’s very own students, Obaid Razi, a great speaker! Obaid sent Asian Media USA a summary of his speech that was translated to make it easier to for our readers. “There is a verse in the Holy Quran that states: “You will never attain righteousness unless you spend from what you love; and whatsoever you spend, Allah is fully aware of it.” [3:92]

The Arabic word for the word righteousness in this verse is the word :-birr, which literally means ‘the perfect
fulfillment of ones rights’. So the people who fulfill rights are called :-abrar.

Righteousness in this verse includes both obligatory and voluntary charities. Some commentators take it to mean obligatory while others think it is voluntary. But according to a consensus of respected researchers in the field, it has been declared that it includes both obligatory and voluntary charities.

So the sense of the verse now is ‘to spend in the way of Allah, whether it be obligatory or voluntary’. But that perfect excellence will never blossom out of you until you ‘spend in the way of Allah that which you love’. Not some spare, useless thing like your just trying to get rid of the burden of charity as if it were some sort of tax on you.

This subject is more clear in another verse of the Quran:
“O those who believe, spend of the
good things you have earned and of what We have brought forth for you from the Earth; and do not opt for a
bad thing, spending only from there, while you are not going to accept it at all, unless you close your eyes to

So basically giving the useless spare thing is unacceptable. The acceptable charity is something spent out of what you have earned and something you would want given to you. That is one of the rules of charity.

Another rule is sincerity. Again, you shouldn’t just give to get the burden of charity off your shoulders.”

Following that was a speech by the President and Founder of Al-Furqaan Foundation, Mr. Wajahat Sayeed. The Pastor, Carlos Jimenez, who was cordially invited from the next door Church and was kept involved with Furqaan Academy’s activities in the neighborhood came up to the podium to say a few words, then a speech by a resident scholar Sheikh Omar Baloch was well appreciated by the audience. Before the lunch was served, the executives and staff of the foundation conducted guided tours of the new location and took a lot of pride in showing off the well decorated class rooms of Furqaan Academy.

Furqaan Academy has been functioning as a full time Islamic School for less than three years, within which time their popularity and growth has been exemplary. They succeeded in generating enough support from the community that they bought a three story, 18,000.00 foot square building in Bolingbrook IL., plus they opened another branch location in Colin County, Allen TX as a part of their on-going expansion project. Between the two locations they have bagged an enrollment of over 200 children and have been attracting new students from the neighboring suburbs entirely based on the excellence of their program and well qualified faculty. Their very unique features includes the State curriculum, plus every child goes through an elaborate Hifz Program, becoming Hafiz or a Hafiza, learn Arabic as a second language, read write and speak fluently and cover traditional Islamic Studies to develop a Muslim Identity, ready to flourish in any challenging profession of the individual student’s choice. Their classes momentarily range from Pre-K to 8th grade, with the addition of the next grade every year, till they reach the State High School level within the next four years.

Without an education, the distance you go can be measured. With an education the distance you go will be vast and immeasurable. With an education from Furqaan Academy, the distance you go will not only be vast and immeasurable, but the road you took for that education will be different from all those around you.

For further information on the Furqaan Academy please refer to the following contact.
For further information about the Al-Furqaan Foundation refer to the following contact.

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