Senior Friendship Group Chicago enjoys Spring weather,

One day trip to Bharatiya Temple and Four winds Casino

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Chicago IL: Senior Friendship Group Chicago had a wonderful start to the year 2023 with a successful tour to the Bharatiya Temple in Indiana and Four winds Casino in Michigan. The dedicated efforts of President Shri Harshadbhai Parekh, Pinkiben Thakkar, and committee members Dilipbhai Patel, Mukeshbhai Mehta, and Hemantbhai Amin made this trip a memorable experience for everyone.
Meghna Vora made sure that all arrangements were in place, including booking the entire casino system and providing every member with a $10 lunch card and a $15 card to play at the casino. Members relished the delectable spread of pizzas, burgers, burritos, nachos, French fries and Fresh Fruits, spending a happy four hours at the casino. Some members even won a good amount of cash, and many generously donated their winnings to support the senior group.
Senior Friendship Group Chicago one day trip to Bharatiya Temple and Four winds Casino event was on Sunday – April 08, 2023.  The day started at 7:30 am with a delicious tea-coffee, Papdi-Curry breakfast, served by Smitaben Parekh, Pinkiben Thakkar, and Nilaben Patel at D Park, 9229 W Emerson Street, Des Plaines IL. All members were punctual and cooperative throughout the day, and water service was provided by Rajendrabhai Shah. Asian Media USA captured the joyous moments of the day with his excellent video and photography skills. Members had a blast taking selfies and group photos.
The Senior Friendship Group sends out heartfelt prayers of gratitude, hoping that God keeps everyone healthy and wealthy. President Harshadbhai Parekh shared valuable information about the day’s itinerary during the bus ride, and Pinkiben Thakkar led the morning Ganesha source and sang the beautiful Ganesh Stuti, which was followed by all members singing Bhajans, cracking jokes, showcasing their mimicry skills, and singing movie songs with full enthusiasm. Time flew by in the bus as members played games like Antakshari and bonded over shared interests.
The day ended with a delicious dinner at the Big Suchir restaurant, and members parted ways with happy memories of the day. The Senior Friendship Group expresses its heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this trip possible and looks forward to more exciting adventures together.
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