Senior Friendship Group Chicago Welcomes New Year 2023 & celebrates India’s 74th Republic Day & Makar Sankranti

President Harshad Parekh & Pinky Thakkar with invited guest and members of The Senior Friendship Group Chicago

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Chicago IL: The Senior Friendship Group Chicago, welcomed the New Year 2023 with enthusiasm by celebrating 74th Republic Day of India and Makar Sankranti during their Annual New Board Commencement event on Sunday Jan 15 2023 at Golf Maine Park District (Kathy Hall) , 8800 W Kathy Ln, Niles, IL. The celebration was attended by a large number of members and was made memorable with religious festivities and patriotic fervor.

Running successfully for the past 3 years, the senior citizen group has made a lot of progress for the last two years under the leadership of President Harshad Parekh along with the supporters like Pinky Thakkar and the committee members, Dilipbhai Patel, Mukesh Patel and several other team members. Pinky Thakkar started the program with Shri Ganesh Aarti followed by Yamunashtakam and Hanuman Chalisa.

Pinky Thakkar is a very well recognized community leader and serves on the advisory board of multiple organizations. She and her husband Dinesh Thakkar have been generously supporting many charitable initiatives in the Chicagoland area. The Thakkar family is also a big supporter of Senior Friendship Group Chicago, and the entire community adores them for their lively spirit and positive attitude.

On the occasion of the Republic Day, the two nations were paid tribute by singing the National Anthems of India as well as the US.  On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, everyone remembered the festival as per the Indian tradition with different types of Chikki and Mamra Ladoo and had a lot of fun taking different photographs in the beautiful attires and tri-color decorations.

President Harshad Parekh addressed the guests and acknowledged the generous donors who had supported the group throughout the year. Ritaben Shah start with Ganesh Sutati and Bhadraben shah sing devotional song.

He also welcomed all the new group members and other special guests who joined the celebration. He also thanked the team Asian Media USA and video team led by Shobhana Kothari , for their support to the community events.

Other distinguished guests who attended the event were included the well-known vocalist and philanthropist Rita Shah, and the emerging community leader and well known anchor Prachi Jaitly. Prachi Jaitly along with her husband presented bouquet and a scrumptious cake to Pinky Thakkar while Rita Shah sang a melodious birthday song for her.

President Shri Harshadbhai Parekh celebrated Pinkiben Thakkar’s birthday with a beautiful introduction to Pinkiben Thakkar’s personality. After the cake cutting ceremony, there was a musical song dance Karaoke session led by Pinkyben Thakkar and her good friend Richa Chand. They both sang the famous Bollywood fun songs and brought everyone to their feet and entertained all guests. Everyone danced together and rejoiced. In the end the program concluded with a delicious Kathiawadi meal followed by more dancing that included garba and musical entertainment.

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