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Chicago IL: Chicago Andhra Association organized a Yoga Workshop on 7/31/2022. The workshop was conducted by a Himalayan Yogi, sri Kiran Chukkapalli. This workshop focused on vinyasa flow, and the smooth transition (flow) from one pose to the next pose. Kiran then guided the attendees practice the flow with Suryanamaskars. He then taught the right breathing technique and explained the benefits of yoganidra. The session concluded with a Q& A.

On this occasion Chicago Andhra Association and its service wing, the Chicago Andhra Foundation presented him with a cheque for $26,750.00 raised by CAA chairman Sujatha Appalaneni and its members and well-wishers towards the embroidery and chula projects for the refugee families, and annual budget for running the Dabuguda school for the children of the Araku Valley. Kiran talked about the plight of the refugees fleeing their home countries to come to India and the difficult living conditions they are enduring in India, and his efforts to help them live a respectable life with basic human rights.

The event was organized by president Malathi Damaraju, vice president Gowrisankar Addanki, secretary Swetha Kottapalli, CAF executive director Ramakrishna Tadepalli, joint treasurer Ramarao Kothamasu, former president SriSailesh Maddi, director Usha Kotha, Trustee Padmarao Appalaneni.

President Malathi Damaraju thanked sri Kiran Chukkapalli for conducting the workshop, Pramod Chintamaneni and the management of Mall of India for providing the venue for the workshop, and all the attendees for making it a success.

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