Chicago Hurricanes vs Ghicago Phantoms;

Chicago Hurricanes won the game by 65 runs

Chicago IL: Hurricanes lead by Pruthvish Patel opened their season against Chicago Phantoms who came into this game with a huge win from their previous matchup with Destroyers. The Hurricanes won the toss and decided to bat first. The decision seemed like a good idea since some of the key players on the team did not show up for the opening. Salman Ahmed and Dhairya Mistry opened the innings.

Chicago HurricanesTeam; won the game by 65 runs

Salman who is known to open on mostly all the teams that he has played on could not hold his end for more than 4 balls. Jasim Sajjad managed to get another wicket right after by taking Sargam Patel for a duck. Samir Chaudhari sunk his teeth into the attack when he took out the left hander Jay Patel for a duck soon after. Dhairya continued on his crusade with very little help from Jash Patel who succumbed to Jasim as well. Ravi Shah who came in next, struck it out for a fifty six run partnership. This gave Dhairya the stand he was looking for until his next partner Neel came in who actually watched Dhairya score fifty runs from the non-striker’s end. Prakshesh Patel and Neel Patel had the next best partnership of forty three runs and the Hurricanes managed to get their total up to 196 runs at the loss of 9 wickets. Samir

Chaudhari, Usama Farqaleet, and Talha Mohsin were the only ones with Econ under 10.

Phantoms are not new to a high total as we all saw in game one of CPL. Usama Farqaleet and Airaj Syed opened the innings for Phantoms but lost a quick wicket to a run out. Mujeeb who scored a century in

The last game was the next one to come in. Mujeeb and Usama slowly and steadily were building their innings until Mujeeb fell in the 8 th over to Dhairya. Thereafter Phantoms kept losing wickets at regular

With Danish Malick and Riyaz Mujahed only managing to partner up for 20 runs, Umama and Jasim were the only other players to get a partnership going for another 23 runs. The bowling attack of

The Hurricanes kept Phantoms on their toes. Pruthvish Patel, Garv Khera, and Prakshesh managed to keep their econ rate at 5.00. Prakshesh picked up four wickets and Garv picked up 2 wickets. Dhairya

and Salman provided support and picked up 1 wicket each.


Chicago Hurricanes won the game by 65 runs

Chicago Hurricanes: 196/9(20.0 overs) CHICAGO PHANTOMS: 131/10(19.0 overs)

Player of the Match: Dhairya Mistry

Player of the Match: Dhairya Mistry

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