Jasbina Search – Could This Be You?

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Could This Lady Be You (25 – 33)?

US, Canada & UK, Women (25 – 33)

New Orleans/Houston – based, successful Attorney / Entrepreneur seeks an attractive and family-oriented partner (25 – 33) – US, Canada & UK.

He enjoys the gym, reading, the outdoors, football, dining out, going out with friends, as well as rewinding at home or with family.

He finds intelligence alluring, and believes mutual respect is an integral part of a fulfilling relationship.

Could This Gentleman Be You (36 – 46)?

US, Men (36 – 46)

Boston – based, beautiful, kind and compassionate physician seeks a kind partner, who believes in joint decision-making (36 – 46) – U.S.

Her lifestyle includes fitness (yoga, gym, hiking), travel and time with family and friends – she is seeking a man who shares a similar lifestyle.
Her vision for a partnership is one where both partners mutually love and support each other through the ups and downs of life.