AAIR holds traditional Annual dinner with RSNA Meeting at Downtown

Chicago, IL: On Sunday November 27th, the American Association of Radiologists of Indian Origin (AARI) held its Annual Dinner of the 2011 and Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting at Gaylord India Restaurant located at 100 E. Walton Street, Chicago, Illinois. Over 162 radiologists from America and abroad attended the event.

AARI started in 1975 and functions as a venue for charitable, educational and cultural activities. Furthermore, it creates a forum that allows members to share common ideas and discuss mutual concerns. AARI or the American Association of Radiologists of Indian origin was formerly called Sushruta Society. It was founded over 25 years ago. The Association meets annually at the same time of the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) annual meeting. This dinner meeting has become a tradition over the last several years where radiologists of Indian origin practicing in the US and Radiologists visiting from India have had a chance to socialize, exchange ideas and make lasting friends for life.

This year’s annual dinner is being sponsored by Merrill Lynch. They have a 30 minute presentation “Financial Strategies For a Successful Retirement” Presented by Timothy C. Hines, First Vice President and Scott D. Miller, Vice President, Merrill Lynch with time after that for questions. Here is an outline for the program:

  • Cash Balance Retirement Plans-Maximum Tax Deferral and Asset Protection For Radiologists in Private Practice
  • 401K/Profit Sharing Plans-New Enhancements for Radiology Practices
  • Developing a Stable Income Stream for Retirement in a Bear Market without Purchasing Life Insurance

AARI provides support and information helpful to the needs of American radiologists of Indian origin and to function as a venue for charitable, educational and cultural activities that allow members to share common ideas and discuss mutual concerns. This website provides pertinent news and information to keep us informed and to stay in touch.

In the past there were a few Radiologists coming from India to attend the RSNA. Now there is a large contingent attending this time. This encourages the exchange between the Radiologists of Indian origin based here in the USA, and those from India. Following are some key members.

Dr. Rajeev Suri Secretary of the Association since 2010 is an active member of AARI. Dr. Suri is currently an Associate Professor of Radiology and the Program Director of the Residency training program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in San Antonio. Dr. Suri is elected President of AARI during the Annual AARI meeting during the RSNA conference this year.

Dr. Ajay Sood, an Interventional Radiologist from California serves as the Vice President. Dr. Roger Rodrigues of Illinois has been the Treasurer for many years. Dr. Vivek Mishra, also of Illinois serves as the Membership Secretary.

Dr. Roger Rodriguez, who has been the beacon of support for AARI. Roger has been our Master of Ceremonies for years. He is organization’s Treasurer Emeritus for many years.

Vice President of the organization Dr. Ajay Sood also could not make it this year for the convention. Ajay has been at the helm of affairs of AARI as VP for some years now, and has provided the consistent support.

Dr. Rodriguez in his speech “Welcome to our radiologist colleagues from India who a gamut of academic and private practices there. It gives me great pleasure to welcome the IRIA / ICR Delegation including Dr Bhardwaj (President); Dr Harsh Mahajan (President Elect); Rajesh Kapur (VP); past presidents is added another, Sridhar Shankar, who has been the president of AARI for the last 2 years could not come to RSNA this time due to a last minute emergency at work. Each president has contributed in a big way to make AARI stronger compared to when they took over and Sridhar, continued that strong tradition.

He has spearheaded the project to revamp our website to make it more relevant to current times. As our organization is a dominantly online organization, this was indeed needed and we aim to continue to improve it and make it even, better. Continuing his address, Dr. Rodriguez stated “Another member of our Executive committee deserving a lot of kudos is Vivek Mishra, our Membership coordinator, who has worked tirelessly to promote membership of AARI. So if you are not life members yet, contact him and join AARI to make it even stronger”.

He further outlined his vision to make stronger bond between Indian-American and Indian radiologist by

  • More involvement of AARI in IRIA national meetings. Speakers of Indian origin in the US could present a short session during IRIA conferences, presenting the latest and best. This was something that used to happen with the Sushruta society (old AARI) but somehow fell off the wayside.
  • Invite AARI members in presentations at local CME meetings in India, and hopefully help in enhancing the level of discussions at these meetings. Dr Khosla has been involved with this for some time and we can continue to work with him and IRIA to consolidate this
  • Academic members from AARI could contribute to academic institutions with residency and post residency training programs by lectures, board reviews and information sessions about focused training opportunities in the US
  • AARI members could work with centers of excellence in India, where US residents or even faculty could learn more about infectious diseases, or more cutting edge IR procedures.
  • There are academic centers in the US, where Indian residents can come for research and get assimilated in the system here, or learn something and go back.
  • AARI could do a better job in identifying mentors of Indian descent here who could guide prospective mentees. We need volunteers for the membership drive, to serve as mentors and help with the organization

About The AARI
The American Association of Radiologists of Indian Origin (AARI), with over 3,000 members, is a thriving,
growing organization dedicated to the issues important to Indian radiologists in America, to the betterment of
radiology in our homeland and to the improvement of radiological medicine, research and service in America.
For further information contact. Roger Rodrigues MD Phone: 630-887-7812 E-mail roger7@earthlink.net Web site: http://aariusa.org/joomla/index.php

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