Helping Hand USA for Relief and Development Presents Rebuilding Pakistan

Chicago, IL: In a building of Muslim Community Center (MCC) Chicago located at 1480 Elston Avenue,Chicago, IL the least expected to happen would be that a group of people have gathered to help save a battered underwater portion of Pakistan. Yet that is exactly what took place, and it was extremely successful as Helping Hand USA for Relief and Development (HHRD) explained how they were going to tackle the ongoing chaos in Pakistan that was caused because of the 2010 flood. Though the floods were six months ago, that doesn’t mean the destruction it caused is over. HHRD explained that the sections of Pakistan that were confronted and engulfed by the floods are still in a horrible position. People are still in need of long term projects from relief agencies e.g.: water filtration plants, house construction, hospitals, medicines, schools, Orphan support, interest free micro-financing etc. HHRD through the heartfelt donations of compassionate donors from across the world set out to provide necessary aid to the people of Pakistan by launching their “Relief for Pakistan” campaign. Their efforts provided food, In Kind donations, medical relief and shelter to the millions of affected people. Furthermore,HHRD launched website as a tool to […]

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