Stimulating cricket tournament in honor of Shekhar Aravind

Chicago IL: The first-annual Shekhar Aravind Unity Cup was held over Labor Day weekend, featuring some of the best and most exciting cricket ever seen in the Chicagoland area. Shekhar “Sheks” Aravind was the young and dynamic President of the Midwest Cricket Conference, whose life was cruelly cut short on August 2nd, 2011 in a tragic boating accident on Lake Michigan. Shekhar’s cricketingfamily decided to honor his memory by making his vision of the Unity Cup a reality – and with only 3 weeks to prepare and organize, led by the tireless and energetic Atif Shaikh and his band of merry voluteers, put on a 12- team cricketing-tournament that was by consensus the best-ever seen in the midwestern states. Invitations were sent out to all the cricket-leagues in the Central-East region to participate. Representative teams from Michigan Cricket Association, Minnesota Cricket Association, American Cricket Conference (Chicago) and Bolingbrook Premier League (BPL) participated – as did MWCC teams from Wisconsin (the Milwaukee Bucks), and downstate (dubbed the StLouis Rams, featuring players from StLouis, Peoria and Moline). In addition, there was a Under-24 team (the Chicago Cubs), and 4 Chicagoland teams drafted NFLstyle by their captains (the Bulls, Bears, WhiteSox and Fire). […]

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Eid Celebrations Bring over 8000 Devout Muslims to Holiday Inn Skokie

Skokie IL: On Wednesday August 31,2011, Muslims from all over the metropolitan area joyfully bustled into the Holiday Inn, 5300 Touhy Ave, Skokie, IL to join in on the global celebrations of Eid Ul-Fitr. While there were various venues that held Eid prayers throughout the region, one of the largest turnouts was at the Holiday Inn. The block was quite a sight to passersby. Groups of individuals in vibrant Indian-Pakistani clothing flooded the parking lots as they made their way to the exquisite banquet hall to commemorate the glorious day. As individuals worked through the crowded doorways, volunteers from Eid committee gathered funds to recover event expenses. Demonstrating true Islamic generosity, many emptied their pockets and purses into the collecting bins before taking their shoes off and heading into the prayer halls. Men and women continuously and open-heartedly made space for incoming members so everyone would be able to partake in the namaz. Namaz was recited throughout the morning and afternoon to accommodate the 8,000 enthusiastic individuals in attendance. Despite the large masses, the Skokie Police, Holiday Inn Staff, and numerous volunteers were able to direct the crowds effortlessly and efficiently. After the namaz, Hussain Kamani gave the khutbah (preaching […]

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