Manav Sadhna presents “Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nahi” for fundraising

Carol Stream, IL: Manav Sadhna USA Presented “Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nahi” on Friday, November 4, 2011 at Glenbard North High School, 990 Kuhn Road, Carol Stream, IL. Kathiavadi Dinner was served from 5:00 to 6:55 pm and actual program will start at sharp 7:00 pm. Tickets ranged from $25, $35, and $50. All proceeds are to go to the poor and orphan children in India. Over 900 people came to the show making it the 5th consecutive sold out program organized by Manav Sadhna.

The story theme was created, directed and written by Ashwin Joshi. Live music was played by Jayantibhai, Narendrabhai & Pankaj Barot. The cast included Nirav Ashwin Joshi & Pragnaben Shah (singer). The dialect of the story was in Gujarati. The National Promoter for the show is Manpasand (Bhavna Modi) Production was by Mahendra Shah of Art Studio Production.

“Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nahi” is nothing but an emotional mini version of epic drama. Mr. Ashwinbhai Joshi’s work into creating this story telling diaro is very unique in the sense that though it is presented to the audience as a diaro, in reality it is epical presentation to rouse the feelings and emotions of the society that seems to have forgotten God given unique bonds of family life. His purpose of this composition is very clear. It is solely meant to develop and arouse the sensitivity of body and soul to connect with the families, especially the elders and parents who brought us in this world. It simply brings out the emotions of tenderness to reconnect with parents as much we do with our children by devoting time to effectively communicate with love and respect.

Kadva Patidar Samaj of Chicago, Kanam Vakad Patidar Samaj of Chicago. Gujarati Samaj of Chicago, Six Gam Patidar Samaj (Chicago), Bhartiya Senior Citizen Group of Chicago, Saurashtra Patel Cultural Samaj of Chicago, Lohana Association of Chicago, Gujarat Pragati Mandal, Bavis Gam Patidar Samaj of Midwest, and Brahm Samaj of Greater Chicago supported the Show. Ms. Vanleel Amin conducted the opening ceremony and speech. She made a special thanks and note of the invited dignitaries: Dr. Umang Patel, Mr. Chhotalal Patel, Dr. Paresh Patel, Mr. Naren Patel of MedStar, Dr. Nita Patel, DDS, Dr. Ashwin Damania, and many more. Mr. Paresh Patel gave a vote of thanks to all the folks from the flyers, all 10 associations, volunteers, India House, and special thanks to so many more folks who have contributed but elected not to surface their names.

Special Arrangement:
“Serve All and Love All” is a trademark of Manav Sadhna mission. Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nahi, diaro provided the opportunity to witness the meaning to our community what is Manav Sadhna is all about.

Special assistance was provided by one of our volunteer Kamlesh Patel. During the show, young adult volunteers, a specially second generation from schools and colleges found the time to fit their schedule to help provide various type of volunteer services to attendees and also pinned the badges ‘ serve all, love all ‘to senior attendees made by Manav Sadhna’s children. The voluntary service provides meaningful work, thus serving and empowering and above all connects youth to the community members.

All young second generation volunteers were preparing and serving food dishes to those who needed help. Helping others is one of the most responsible selfless acts that a person can do. Not only you are assisting someone in need but also making the difference in quality of their lives. The tickets of the show were marked where assistance was required by the ticket holders. During the show, Mr. Kamlesh Patel was the key to talking, listening and wheeling the disables and physically challenged to and from ticket counters to the dining hall, to the auditorium hall and back to the parking lot to their vehicles when the show was over. The young volunteers were there to prepare and serve the food dish to those who needed help. It was wonderful to witness our second generation volunteers to come forward to serve at the show befitting Manav Sadhna mission

Grand Sponsors: Medstar Lab – Naren Patel, Dr. Paresh Patel, Quick Color, KRM Financial Services – Pravin Parmar CPA, Dr. Kalpesh Ghelani – Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Nita H Patel DDS, Willow Lake Pharmacy, Dr. Bharat Jailwala, and Holiday Inn (Rolling Meadows)

Other sponsors were: Muffler & Brake Man – Sanjay Patel, JD Electronics Inc – Jatin Patel, State Farm Insurance – Esha Patel, Vegetarian Fast Food, Manev Mortgage, MAACO (Carol Stream) – Jatin Patel, DeSin iT Studios, and Manpasand – Bhavna Modi.

Manav Sadhna Mission: Our mission is to “serve all love all” and “seeing god in the hearts of people we serve”. Manav Sadhna have been making a difference in thousands of lives every day for last 22 years, giving love, care, respect, food, education, health, sanitation and income generation has been the prime activities of
Manav Sadhna. We have 235 employees currently doing amazing work on 35 projects.

Manav Sadhna USA. is one of the leading institutions helping people suffering from diseases afflicted by bodily pain. The foundation is working in the U.S. as well as in Gujarat for many years now and involved in 82 BALWADI I-NUTRITION CENTERS where 6200 kids receive daily fresh and testy nutritious food and education. 1200 pregnant and feeding mothers get the nutritional food daily. It supports 140 Street kids get literacy, education and nutrition every day. As an alternative to ‘child labor’, 60 kids are doing art & craft work in the post school hours. It also runs a non-formal evening school for the ‘child labor’ at the community center. In addition 70 widows are receiving wheat and rice every month, 56 blind kids are receiving free boarding/lodging and education. It adopted boarding school of 230 very poor and under a sanitation project it promotes sanitation by constructing over 3000 toilets in the slum.

Following are some of the projects overseen by the Foundation:

  • Well over 11000 poor patients were treated in the slum clinic this year. Clinic also organized Dental, Eyes, TB, Alcoholic addiction & Malaria camps throughout the year.
  • Over 400 students each year gets the computer education for only Rs.I00. The foundation helped needy families by donating home to them.
  • Yet another project provides the needy through 60-80 young volunteers from all over the world coming each year to serve at Manav Sadhna.
  • A saving bank has been designed to promote saving amongst the kids and rag picking women.
  • At the community center many useful activities for the senior and widow women are conducted.
  • To enhance self esteem of the slum kids we train them in music, drama and dance & give them opportunity to perform internationally.
  • The foundation conducts many activities to promote the communal harmony in Ahmedabad city.
  • They adopt schools and hostels for the repair and renovation for the poor kids. Every Saturday we have 200 kids at our center to enjoy games, food and entertainment. They also operate tuition classes in our community center for the slum kids along with nutrition.
  • We help celebrate all different religious and other festivals with all our kids.
  • We have a community center in the largest slum of Gujarat, serving ·800people
  • We are at forefront in relief/rehabilitation work during the natural disaster time. : We distributed over 1000 wheel chairs to the poor physically challenged people.
  • Leper community center where 21 leprosy affected people are helped with many creative activities.
  • Community center at the ram Rahim Tekro where 60000 Hindus and Muslims receive computer training and learn nutrition, medical & sewing.
  • Peddle rickshaw: 120 slum families now own the new rickshaws through micro finance instead of renting.
  • 220 poor village girls at Ashram getting high school education along with food & sports training.

After the success of “EKTA” throughout USA, the Foundation will be presenting EKTVA (Oneness), a dance drama by Ashram kids, choreographed by the renowned dancer, Millikan Sarabhai of Darpan Academy. After performing in India, London, & Singapore they are coming to USA in Summer of 2012. It’s an amazing journey for 16 children selected from 9000 kids, coming from the poorest communities.

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