Manav Seva Mandir Raises $ 100,000 from Fund Raising Dinner

Bensenville IL: A successful Fund Raising Dinner event was organized in the Mahalakshmi Hall of Manav Seva Mandir on the evening of Saturday, October 15, 2011. More than 500 devotees participated on this day to support and help the temple and enjoy the evening full of social gathering melodious music, hear about the activities and progress of the Mandir and an excellent dinner.

The program started with traditional Deep Pragatya ceremony performed by the chief guest Shri Chhotalal Patel and his wife accompanied with vedic mantrochchar by priests of the temple. Master of ceremony for the program was Dr I.K. Patel, who conducted the entire program smoothly and effectively. The chairman of the trustee board, Dr Bharat Barai welcomed the guests for joining the dinner and reported the activities and the progress of the temple. He also outlined the objectives of raising additional funds. These are modifications and additions to the temple structure, help the ongoing activities such as health care facilities, youth program, programs for seniors, provide more activities for children and provide better celebrations of the religious festivals.

The gala evening started with a bhajan song “Satyam Shivam Sundram” performed by Shaila Khedkar and also bhajans performed by Vikas and Raju Bankapur. After the initial bhajans, Chairman Shri Bharat Barai delivered a speech and gave audience an idea about temple activities and the purpose of the fund raising program. Dr. Bharat Barai gave a wonderful and detailed presentation on Manav Seva Mandir fund raising program. He explained that the Mandir does a lot for its devotees and the community. The Mandir serves as a Sanatam Hindu Dharma worship place, celebrations of Hindu festivals, Group Satyanarayan Katha, Group Bhajan, Religious Cultural educations classes, Services to youth and senior citizens, medical camps, clinics, and immunizations. The temple needs money for buildings and maintenance of the temple, salary & benefits of the pujaris staff, utilities, Prasad, celebrations of festivals, youth and senior citizen services, and health care related services. Lots of money and donations come from regular devotees to special pujas and services. Other funding comes from hall rentals, donation box receipts, and just generosity. Money from past fund raisers have been gone to constructing a new parking lot, new carpet for the prayer hall, audio visual system improvements, health clinics for the indigent, and health camps. New and future funds for the Mandir will be allocated to operating expenses of the temple, canopy at the front entrance, expanded coat and shoes facilities, office area expansion, new roof, living quarters for the 3rd priest, increase in storage space-garage area, and expansion modification of kitchen.

The musical program kept continued with memorable old songs performed by Shaila Khedkar and group. After few memorable songs like “Yeh Sham Mastani”, “Madhuban me Radhika nache re”, “ O meri Johrajabi” the atmosphere become very musical and audience was enjoying every moment of the music. We can literally see everyone were singing along with the artists. Chief Guest Chhotalal Patel delivered his speech praising the activities being done by the mandir. Dr. Mayank Shah also outlined core activities of the temple and youth from his core team also gave presentation about the Mandir activities. During the program, they announced the names of the Donors who gave money for the Mandir Activities.

The total donations received totaled up to $100,000. The Musical evening continued throughout the evening with many golden and melodious songs combining both old and new songs. The orchestra artists were playing there musical instruments at their best to make the program memorable Melodious music kept playing and donations kept coming in. At the end, the president of the executive board, Madhukant Shah thanked the guests and all the volunteers and board members for making the event a great success. The program ended with delicious dinner and desert.

Chief Guest Chhotalal and Hansaben Patel and the guest of honor Kirtibhai and Rakshaben Shah were introduced by Trustee Board member Dr V.K. Patel. A very interesting music was provided throughout the evening by Shaila Khedkar and orchestra of Sur Sangeet Group. A report on the youth activities was presented by the youth coordinator Dr Mayank Shah and young members of the youth group. This group is active in learning about Sanatan Hindu Religion especially, Bhagvad Gita. They attend classes on every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month. The youth group organizes a 2-3 days camp inviting spiritual gurus every year. The youth also provides humanitarian assistance to the needy. Last year on Diwali, they distributed blankets and this year they are planning to visit homeless shelters to distribute care packages.

A detailed report on the health care activities was given by Dr Shirish Shah. He mentioned that the temple conducts an annual health fair in the month of May and follows up by organizing a monthly clinic on every third Sunday of the month. The health clinic provides doctors’ consultation, blood tests as required and free generic medicines. More than 300 patients benefit from this service on an ongoing basis. The temple provides free flu shots every year in the month of October. Special mention was made to thank Dr Shirish Shah for providing cardiology services and Dr Parag Majmudar for eye care. These generous doctors provide free specialized services when referred to by the clinic.

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