Sad Demise of Naren Patel President & CEO of Medstar laboratory

Please join us in expressing our deepest condolences due to the sad demise of our beloved Naren Patel, President & CEO of Medstar laboratory. Narenbhai passed away, on Monday, December 15, 2014, at about 4:36 pm in Chicago. Narenbhai will live for years to come within our hearts. May his soul rest in peace….

Narenbhai always believed in “Simple living and high thinking”. He lived a joyful and fulfilling life. While he was a successful and accomplished businessman, he remained involved in community advocacy and humanitarian work. He believed in “giving back” to the communities, especially to those families who are less fortunate. He had a strong faith in the youth of India and believed that our younger generation must participate in our culture and heritage.

Narenbhai resided with his wife Sumitra. They have two sons, Neal and Raj. Neal is the Executive Vice President of Business Development, his younger brother Raj, is the Executive Vice President of Operations. Neal is married to Sonal, and they have two children, Nishal (17) and Shriya (10). Raj is married to Nisha, and they have two sons, Ronak (10) and Raveen (7). A true family man, Naren Patel was close to his sister, Beena Patel and his childhood friend, Dr. Yash Amin. He proudly said, “We are all links in the chain of success.” Neal and Raj have learned from their father that success of any business is attributed to the hard work, commitment and leadership.