An obituary to Shantaben Bodiwala

Chicago IL: Mrs. Shantaben Bodiwala, beloved mother of 3 sons, 2 daughters and grandmother, and great grandmother of 5 children passes away on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014. In Chicago area.

She got married in India at tender age of 9 yrs. Despite obtaining only primitive education which was norm on for a women those days. Like a true matriarch, Shantaben , despite overcame many obstacles. With her sheer resolve, intelligence and common sense, she raised big family of her children with true Hindu Tredetational values needed to be thriving and respectful in society living with pride dignity honesty moral values and humbleness. One can value the care and nurturing of any tree by not just by good looks of the tree but most importantly by the fruits it bears. Similarly her lifelong devotion can be viewed in the extraordinary achievement of her children.

Outstanding and Well known person among south Asian Diaspora, chairman of Asian Media USA Mr. Suresh Bodiwala summed up this by stating “all I am or ever hope to be, is due to guardian angel Mom.” no other individual has been as influential in turning us in to phenomenon that somehow retains the mystical aura while continuing made and remade in the image of modern triumphant achievement” He further stated that result of her extraordinary fidelity influenced success of not only in children, but extends all the way to her 4th generation great grand children.

Another reason of our Bodiwala Family’s attainment is due to sustained cohesiveness of the family in the era of fast pace life and materialistic society. My mother was visionary and she use art of cooking and inviting family on any and every occasion like celebration of birthday, anniversary , religious festivity and any other justification she could muster. Her life was an inspiration she filled niche and accomplished role of true matriarch.

On behalf of large south Asian Diaspora including members of Asian Media USA Chicago, We like to express our condolences. We pray God Almighty to give courage and strength to bear such loss.