Federation of Indian Associations-Chicago [FIA] passes a momentous Resolution hailing Narendra Modi’s landslide victory

Chicago IL: Federation of Indian Associations-Chicago [FIA] – a premier community umbrella organization of 30-years — passed a momentous resolution hailing the landslide victory of Shri. Narendra Modi and warmly welcomed the clear mandate given to the BJP party by the Indian electorate in the historic elections held in India. This distinctive resolution was tabled and adopted at a specially convened FIA board meeting held on Sunday May 18, 2014 at its office located on Mahatma Gandhi Marg in the heart of the India Town in Chicago.

With a spirit of jubilation, Federation of Indian Associations-Chicago [FIA] celebrated Shri. Narendra Modi’s resounding victory and his ascension to the office of the Prime Minister accorded by the people of India. FIA further observed that the imperatives of good governance and development has driven the anxious and restless India in huge droves to the polls – thus electing a leader who has the fire in his belly to bring quantum leap to India with effective governance. The FIA resolution further lauds Shri. Narendra Modi for his indefatigable energy and devotion to the ideals of good governance and his resolute will to lead India in the 21stcentury ushering a rapid all round economic development of global magnitude. In its resolution, FIA extends its warmest and heartfelt best wishes and God’s speed to Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and BJP party leaders as they formulate the formation of government to govern India’s eager and anxious citizens.

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, FIA President – in a statement said – we join our fellow Indian Americans to celebrate this unprecedented political victory accorded by the people of India through their ballots. We at FIA believe and hold our fervent hope that Shri. Narendra Modi will hit the ground running in eradicating the stubbornly enduring evil of corruption and usher a ‘Clean India’ bereft of scams, scandals, apathy, inertia and champion the causes of the poor and launch robust governmental machinery that will uplift the teeming masses from the clutches of grinding poverty and hopelessness. Keerthi Ravoori stated that a suitable copy of the Resolution will be presented by Chicago FIA delegation in due course of time.

The resolution was tabled by FIA President Keerthi Kumar Ravoori and was unanimously adopted with prominent FIA leaders enthusiastically endorsing the resolution who include Kanti Patel, Ajai Agnihotri, Babu Patel, Chandresh Brahmbhatt, Dr. Indrajit Patel, Ranjit Ganguly and Sher Mohd Rajput. Other notable FIA Trustees & leaders who expressed their support for the resolution include Bhailal Patel, Iftekhar Shareef, Veenod Patel, Ankur Chaudhary, Sohan Joshi, Prahlad Patil, Sitaram Patel, Hina Trivedi, Ajeet Singh and Harish Kolasani.