Fundraiser for re-election of Schaumburg Mayor Al Larson

Schaumburg IL: Well known Indian community leaders, Dhitu Bhagwakar, Amol Bhagwakar, Neil Khot and Sunil Shah hosted a fundraiser for the re-election of Al Larson as the Mayor of Schaumburg at Strike Ten Lanes & Lounge, 800 E Nerge road, Roselle IL on last March 23rd Wednesday, 2011, at 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm.

After the socializing hour from 6 to 8 pm, the fund-raising function started with Neil Khot extending a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and thanking them for their valuable participation to support the incumbent Mayor, Al Larsen, who had served them well during his tenure. Especially, he thanked Dhitu Bhagwakar and Strike Ten for allowing hosting this event. Lavishing praise on the Indian community he said that they are no longer a standby community but more involved in the civic affairs than ever before. He stated that about 17% or 13,000 of Schaumburg resident are Indians. Amid applause he recognized and thanked the Mayor of Village of Schaumburg for administering the city with dedication and efficiency. Alluding to the declaration of January 20th as the “Federation of Indian Associations Day”, by the Mayor he said the entire community is grateful to the gesture of the Mayor and reaffirm their support in his bid to seek reelection.

In his brief remarks Dhitu Bhagwakar thanked the Mayor for doing a wonderful job for the village of Schaumburg and emphasized that he was glad to host the fundraiser.

Pete Patel (Past Trustee of Schaumburg Township) observed that that the Village of Schaumburg is one of the few villages in the State that had no garbage pickup fee or car sticker fee, which saves about $ 300/yr for its residents. He urged everyone in the Indian community to go out and vote and better their lackadaisical voting record. He also said the Indian community is involved but don’t go out and vote and therefore requested all to go out and vote.

Swapnil Shah Son of Sunil Shah, the newly elected President of FIA (Chicago) read out the message from Sunil Shah extending his support to the Mayor and the Village Trustee. Naren Patel a leading Indian political advocate in his brief address recognized the great work Mayor Larsen had rendered to the citizens of the village and requested the Indian community to come together and go out and vote for him.

Hina Trivedi asked Al Larson a few questions about what he would do for the Indian Community if he gets reelected. Al Larson answered saying that he would appoint an Indian Physician from Schaumburg on his Healthcare Board. Also he hoped to see lot of participation from the Indian Community at the Village committees. Further, Larson said that he was glad to be at Strike Ten and was Thankful for the Indian community for hosting this event. Trustees Mark Madej, Frank Kozak, current Village Trustee, Hank Curcio and George Dunham also pitched in urging to support the incumbent Mayor.

All the community leaders came together on-stage and handed the Endorsement Certificate from the Community to Honorable Mayor, Al Larson along with the proceeds of the collections. Neil Khot, in conclusion thanked everyone for attending the fundraiser, especially his Wife Annu Khot for her support and organizing the event.

Among the distinguished guests and community leaders, who graced the function were Dhitu Bhagwakar, Harsha Bhgwakar and Amol Bhagwakar (Owner of Strike Ten Lanes), Neil Khot and Annu Khot (FIA Youth Director), Naren Patel (Leading Indian political advocate President of Association of Indians in America) Vinesh Virani, Piyush Patel, Hina Trivedi, Swapnil Shah (Sunil Shah Son), Pete Patel (Past Schaumburg Village Township Trustee), Vandana Jhingan (TV Asia), From the Schaumburg Village Al Larson – Running for Mayor of Schaumburg, Hank Curcio – Running for Village Trustee, Mark Madej – Running for Village Trustee, George Dunham – Running for Village Trustee Frank Kozak Current Village Trustee, Jack Sullivan Current Village Trustee, Marilyn Karr – Current Village Clerk

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