A delightful evening at Midwestern University

Downers Grove, IL: AIPhA (Association of Indian Pharmacists in America) Student Chapter, held a Cultural Night, at Midwestern University, 555 31st Street, Downers Grove, IL on Friday, March 18th, 2011.

The function began with a welcoming speech by the president, Jalpa Thakkar, and was followed by the singing of American National Anthem by Al Barreto and the Indian Anthem by Jenise Stephen. This was immediately followed by Bharatantyam, a classical dance performed by a talented first year medical student, Anisha Gohil. The theme of the dance was revolved around the fascinating story of Lord Krishna, whose exploits of valor, love and responses to the call of devotees has mesmerized the lives of millions of Hindus in India for millennia. This form of dance is reputedly originated over two thousand years ago by sage Bharata, whose name is reverentially attached to this.

The next item was a delightful performance by four artist, first year pharmacy students, Aditi Chikani, Ralitza Anguelova, Liliann D. Nguyen, and Zheni Stoyanova, who are active members of the Kappa Psi Fraternity, one of the oldest and largest international pharmacy fraternities. This was choreographed by Aditi Chikani. The Midwestern Faculty Fashion Show was the next item performed by Midwestern’s very own faculty members in their vivacious avatar accompanied by their families, each walking the ramp to the tune of Bollywood music. The participants were Dr. Shaifali Bhalla, Dr. Seema Briyal & daughter Tanishi, Dr. Anil Gulati & Mrs. Vandana Gulati, Dr. Nazia Somani, Dr. Rosalyn Padiyara & daughter Ava, and Dr. Teresa Dombrowsi. This item was choreographed by Anjali Indorkar & Pooja Karia. Amisha Shah sang some of the best Bollywood songs and delighted her audience, fellow classmates, friends, and became Midwestern’s Indian Idol.

Cultural Couture, a fusion of color and art came alive in this exhibition of the finest Indian fashions prettily posed by the participant of the student fashion show: Vishali Banathi, Carol Pius, Liliann D. Nguyen, Ankits Sheth, Mutki Joshi, Josh Halperin, Laura Dee, Aditi Chikani, Dan Morrow, Choong Nam, Haresh Desai, Ralitza Angelova, Zheni Stoyanova, Christine Kwan, Ami Gowin, Vishal Kapadia, Amisha Mehta, Heena Rathod, Jalpa Thakkar, and Rita Dharia.

A talented group of 2nd year pharmacy students danced a traditional West Indian Folk Dance known as ’Dandiya Raas’ followed by a toe-tapping Bollywood medley, performed by Nisha Shah, Priya Hingu, Nancy Jarsania, Jay Surati, Jateen Jivan, Jatin Patel, Jalpa Thakkar, Heena Rathod, Kimngan Nguyen, and Amisha Mehta.

Another delightful item was presented by the1st year medical students dancing to different genres of music, including Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Bollywood, and American Fusion It was performed by Gopi Patel, Ashok Venugopal, Ina Patel, Janki Rami, Manveer Rehal, Jessica Chan, Saisho Mangla, Shan Rehman, Jayesh Madrecha, Amir Naqvi, and Saba Khan. It was choreographed by Gopi Patel and Ashok Venugopal

Next performance by Pooja Karia combined the flavor of Bollywood music with semi-classical dance steps. The following episode presented an interesting story of a glorius dynasty ruled over by the noble emperor, King Jalauddin Ashoka Shah. Performers included Vincent Dorsey, Saurabh Bagai, Jerry Tuazon, Sebastian Czerwony, Tien Tran, France Lam, Davina Garls, Jacqueline Harford, Kevin Shah, Rupal Patel, Supriya Gupta, Manali Shah, Ami Vora, Danielle Maila, Mili Parikh, Ryan Syznkarek, Gopi Patel, Gaity Rizvi, Carrie Puchlerz, Chirag Rathod, Jenise Stephen, Shelly Cho, Payal Bhowmick, & Nicholas Zare.

The next item, The Dynamic Duo, Archana Nath and Renju James, showed a mix containing a south Indian melody, a Bollywood tune, and an instrumental fusion piece by AR Rahman, which diversifies the different arrays of music that Indian Cinema has to offer. The Beats of Bollywood was staged by MC, Vishal with his fellow 2nd year medical students: Shika Garg, Jency Vathikulam, Saba Khan, Adam Colton, and Varun Garg. In her closing remarks, Jalpa Thakkar, the AIPhA President highlighted the objectives and activities of the organization in the coming months and talked about the AIPhA Parent Chapter. She thankfully acknowledged the support of numerous friends and well wishers, including Lori Vozari – Rafaj – Director of Student Activities, Farhan Ahmed – Lead Audio Visual Coordinator and Cuisine of India – Mount Prospect, Sonhar Events-Decorators just to mention a few.

Suresh Bodiwala, chairman of Asian Media USA had an opportunity to talk to Jalpa Thakkar (President of AIPhA) about AIPhA seeking her message to the audience. She said, “I would like to stress the importance of becoming involved in professional organizations and taking advantage of opportunities and connections that are available. While grades and knowledge of taught material are crucial aspects of any academic program, they will not be of any value without personal experiences. This is why I urge every student to become involved in campus activities so as to create strong bonds with fellow students and get a taste of what their lives will be like after graduation. Even though I have given a large portion of my time and effort into AIPhA, I can honestly say that I have gotten back even more than what I have put in and I hope each and every student reading this understands the importance of my message.”

AIPhA Executive Board 2010-2011:
President—Jalpa Thakkar
Vice President/Treasurer—Amisha Mehta
Secretary—Heena Rathod
Historian/Webmaster— Jatin Patel
Service Chairs—Nisha Shah & Rupal Patel
Social Chairs—Jateen Jivan & Priya Hingu
Public Relations—Pooja Karia & Anjali Indorkar
PS-2 Reps – Jay Surati & Nancy Jarsania
PS-1 Reps—Haresh Desai & Rita Dharia
Masters of Ceremony (MCs): Nancy Jarsania, Vishal Kapadia, & Jay Surati

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