FIA Chicago Elects New Office Bearers for the year 2011-2012

Chicago IL: The Federation of Indian Associations-Chicago under the auspice of its newly elected President Satish ‘Sunny’ Gabhawala announced the election of new office bearers that constitutes the governing executive board for the year 2011-2012 – at a press conference held on Monday, March 14, 2011 at Punjabi Dhaba Restaurant on Devon Ave. Chicago, Illinois.

In full compliance with the provisions of FIA constitution, Satish Gabhawala announced that the FIA elections were held at the general body meeting of March 13, 2011 and the following were elected unanimously for the year 2011-2012:

Satish ‘Sunny’ Gabhawala, President
Dr. Kamal Patel, Executive Vice President
Kishan Patel, Vice President
Micky Kahlon, Vice President
Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, Vice President
Ajai Agnihotri, Secretary
Girish Patel, Treasurer
Devendra Patel, Joint Secretary
Avinash Desai, Joint Treasurer

Addressing the press conference, a determined and resolute FIA President Satish Gabhawala asserted that it shall be his goal to preserve, protect and defend this 30-year old community umbrella organization from forces that seeks to divide it.

Satish ‘Sunny’ Gabhawala described FIA as one united family that is bonded together with shared goals and nothing will come in the way to break this stubbornly united family. Satish Gabhawala expressed the board’s commitment to forge renewed partnership with the larger community and strive hard to strengthen the bonds of unity to uphold FIA’s preeminent place in the Chicago’s growing community.

Summarising the FIA election process, Satish Gabhawala explained that the elections were carefully supervised by a host of Trustees and conducted by the election committee to ensure that the election procedures were consistent with the FIA by-laws at a general body meeting held on Sunday, March 13, 2011. All documents related to the elections including membership forms and nomination forms, valid registration copies were put on display for the media to examine that have been verified and duly certified by the Trustees and the threemember election committee in the presence of legal counsel and court reporter.

Satish Gabhawala decried the unfortunate ploys of those elements in the community that are trying to polarize and sow seeds of discord in the community.

In defending FIA, Satish Gabhawala said that he has sent an email to a list of prominent community figures to ‘cease and desist’ from directly or indirectly violating the propriety and the illegal use of FIA’s brand name. Satish Gabhawala pointed out several examples of how the false FIA group has doctored official documents with Secretary of State under the “penalty of perjury” and the tacky insertion of Governor’s photograph in their event to grossly mislead the community. He reiterated the FIA’s legal counsel is pursuing all the available legal options to put an end to this exercise.

While assuring the media that FIA is neither the plaintiff nor the defendant, Gabhawala sternly added that that he plans to use every legal remedy to uphold FIA.

President Gabhawala announced that the newly elected executive board along with the Trustees will host a series of exciting events in celebration of India’s Independence in August 2011 that which includes parade, flag-hoisting on Daley Plaza and gala banquet.

The most noteworthy feature of the press conference was when the members of the media expressed assurances that they will do everything meaningful in their power to discourage the false FIA group.

Satish Gabhawala in conclusion reminded that FIA has a large following in the community based on our credibility and our past outstanding record of community service and no forces will ever be able to hijack our legally-established premier organization that represented the causes and issues of the Indian community for nearly 30-years.

Press release by: FIA Chicago
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