VRG Gandhi was a Great Ambassador of peace and non-violence- President Many Global problems can be solved by the Principle of Unity in diversity- Acharya Lokesh

New Delhi: In the prestigious presence of President Honorable Pranab Mukherjee and founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni seminar was organized in Rashtrapati Bhawan to discuss 150th Anniversary Celebrations of Ambassador of peace and nonviolence renowned Jain Philosopher Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi. Prestigious Jain leaders Shri Subhash Oswal Senior Vice President of All Indian Jain Conference, Shri D.K. Jain (Luxar Group), Shri Mahesh Jain and Ms. Shobhna Jain graced the seminar with their presence.

Founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni on the occasion said that Shri Vir Chand Raganv Ji Gandhi addressed the World Religion Parliament, Chicago in 1893 with Swamy Vivekanand Ji. Shri Gandhi has not only played important role in spreading the Jain philosophy internationally but also promoted Indian Culture in different parts of the world. He successfully removed the false believes about Indian Culture. Shri Gandhi knew 14 Indian languages; along with Jain Religion he had deep knowledge of different religions and western Philosophy. In those days he helped Indians by sending help from America during drought. He greatly served the spiritual world by removing slaughter housed from Shri Samedshikhar Tirtha for its purity and by making Shatrunjay Thirtha tax free. 150th birth anniversary of such great pioneer of peace and nonviolence will be celebrated from the coming month of August in the whole world. These celebrations will again spread Mahavir Jain Philosophy through which many global problems can be solved internationally.

Honorable Shri Pranab Mukherjee on the occasion said that Unity in Diversity is the basic principle of India Philosophy, inter religion harmony is the key to it. The peace and non-violence path shown by Bhagwan Mahavir takes us towards Global Welfare. Shri Virchand Raghav Ji Gandhi made a meaningful effort by spreading this message in the whole world. Government of India thus honored Shri Gandhi by releasing his postal stamp in 2009. Honorable President expressed hope that by celebrating Shri Vir Chand Raganv Ji Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary the message of Non-violence, Peace and Unity in Diversity will again reach the Global Population.

Senior Vice President of All India Jain Conference presented book on the life of Shraman Sangh Era Leader Acharya Shiv Muni Ji to Honorable President. Shri D.K. Jain, Shri Mahesh Jain, Ms. Shobhna Jain also expressed their views on the occasion.