Live2U Hosts New Year’s Eve Celebration with Bollywood Nagins

Chicago IL: Live2U organized a splendid New Year’s Eve celebration on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at India House Banquets, 521 W Schaumburg Rd, Schaumburg, IL. This event consisted of a Lounge Style Party, Hot & Sizzling Bollywood item girls, Brazilian Dancers, Belly dancers, 110 items Cruise Style Food, Open Premium Bar, VIP Lounge, DJ by Mr. Shaw, elegant stage decorations, Special Light effects, Excellent sound system and a Special India House Banquet Layout for the Best Party Ever. Audiences were house full despite awful weather in Chicago.

Live 2U is an Entertainment Power House Specializing and Conceptualizing Live Shows and Concerts, Plays in USA and Canada featuring the most sought after Celebrities in the Indian and Pakistani Entertainment Industry, one that is vibrant and full of life. Live2U and India House joined together to organize this New Year Eve celebration with the best music, entertainment, food to welcome the New Year.

The highlight of the show were the Brazilian dancers who danced to Samba music which is popular in Brazil. There is actually a set of dances, rather than a single dance, that define the Samba dancing scene in Brazil; The dance simply follows the beat of the music and can go from average pace to very fast. Men dance with the whole foot on the ground while women, often wearing heels, dance just on the balls of the foot and often add various arm movements depending on the mood of the music.

“The audience were fantastic. When we were on the stage, we could feel it. All the different movements and things that we do strikes a response by their applause ” said a Samba dancer.

The doors swung open at 8 pm, the banquet hall was full within half-an-hour, and the show went on until 1:00 am. Along with the sound of Mr. Shaw, Live2U Entertainment included acts brought in from Canada to specially perform for the guest. The Bollywood Nagins Dancers lead by Lopa Sarkar and team were a great addition! Brazilian Dancers and Belly dancers also blew away the attendees as they gave the crowd a reason to not leave the dance floor.

India House served a 110-course cruise line buffet dinner and a midnight champagne toast, which attracted guests from all over the country to enjoy this one of a kind show in Chicago to ring in 2014. The bar remained opened for 6 hours with Indo-Chinese, Mughal, Italian, Punjabi, Gujarati, and South Indian fare, along with a fountain for Mango Lassi.

DJ Sahaj Shah who is known as “MR.SHAW’ is the 2013 National Boom Entertainment DJ Battle Champion who showcased his talents with not only western sounds, but with a night filled with the best Bollywood tunes out now. Shaw says, “It was an amazing crowd! They were so responsive to everything I played. It’s so great to have 3 musical sides to my career, one where I only play for American Club/Parties, another where I only play Indian Events, and then one like New Years Eve where I have both I can collaborate together”

Every dancer put so many hours of dedicated rehearsal into refining their dances that by the time it was New Year’s Eve, all could relax and just have fun. The audience enjoyed the show and the party, making the whole event a grand success.

Sunil Shah one of the promoter of New Year Party and community leader expressed his excitement about the super success of this beautiful event in the city. Guests were mesmerized by the decor, sound and lighting effects provided by DJ Mr Shaw. Everyone had the great time and the event organizer Karl Karla left no stone unturned to provide the most entertaining and glamorous event ever done in Chicago.

DJ Mr Shaw mesmerized the crowd with flawless and most upbeat music and truly proved that he is a B96 National Champion. He had everyone on their feet for nonstop 4 hours and literally rocked the party.

Overall this party was the finest and the best event to the extent that people were not ready to leave the venue even after 1 a.m. and said with one voice that they were looking forward to party on 31st December 2014 with the same group.