Indian Americans Democratic Organization Endorsed

Chicago IL: The Indian American Democratic Organization (IADO) of Greater Chicago-land, with leadership of its current president Mr. Mangrola, organized a sponsorship and grass roots community rally for its favorite candidates for upcoming Chicago Mayoral election Mr. Rahm Emanuel. The event took place at North shore banquet hall on Devon Street at about 1 PM on Feb. 13, 2011.

The IADO members and grass roots community rally was joined by several prominent community representatives including Dr. Ram Gajjela (President), Dr. Ashish Sen (Vice President), Sainath Reddivari (Secretary), Peter Palaparthi (Joint Secretary), Lakshmi Lakshmanan (Treasurer), Dr. Mridu Sekhar (Joint Treasurer) , Pramod Shah(Executive Director), Jitendra Diganvker (Directors). Others in attendance were Sadruddin Noorani, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Shajan Kuriakost, Prem Balani Sean Chaudhary, Gladson Varghese, Lakshmi Lakshmanan, Balvinder Singh and Ann Kalayil; and Nasir Jahangir, Sher M. Rajput and Dr.Chandrakant Modi (President of Asian Media USA).

Rahm also mentioned that he is truly gratified by the strong support of the south Asian Americans particularly the Indian Americans. He thanked community for their eloquent support with their uniquely appealing ‘community rally’ which he says would help him as she continues to vigorously campaign all across Chicagoland.

Mr. Rahm Emanuel discussed briefly about following four topics:

City Finances by restore balance to the city’s finances by promoting efficiency, rethinking the way we perform core government functions, and putting Chicagoans back to work.

Solving Crime by Put 1,000 more cops on our streets and take kids, drugs and guns off them. Expand afterschool programs, crack down on illegal guns, and improve coordination between city and federal prosecutors.
Good Government by open city government to the taxpayers it serves, end lobbyist influence, strengthen the Board of Ethics, and create internal oversight to ensure public funds are serving the people of Chicago.

Guided by a single mission: to ensure that every child—in every school and every neighborhood—has access to a world-class learning experience from birth.” The nuts and bolts of the plan tackle principal autonomy and accountability, ensuring teachers are set up for success and are rewarded for excellence, and keeping parents informed and involved in their child’s education.

“Illinois’ tax system is inefficient and inequitable. It relies heavily on a sales tax that only applies to certain goods and places a heavier burden on Chicagoans with lower incomes. The natural gas tax is similarly regressive, hitting families hardest when fuel prices are at their highest. My plan will cut the overall sales tax rate and broaden the tax base by including luxury goods, while transitioning the natural gas tax from a percentbased tax to a per-unit tax.”

The community rally took to the streets with the traditional Indian-style electioneering pitch with loud voting Indian slogans “Vote for” and showed support for Rahm Emanuel. Hon. Jan Schakowsky also briefly joined the IADO membership gathering and voiced strong support for Rahm. Candidate Rahm also walked several city blocks on the sidewalks of Gandhi Marg, or Devon Ave. including visit to Regal Saree place and Patel Brothers., thereafter, terminating at North Shore Banquet Hall. The primary election is scheduled on Tuesday, February 22 of 2011.

Rahm Emanuel, front-runner for Mayor of Chicago’s office expressed appreciation that he was able to meet and greet so many IADO members and south Asian voters on the stretch of Devon Ave.

The community rally provided another opportunity for Rahm Emanuel to energize the South Asian American voter’s base with his outstanding qualifications, public-service experience and, more importantly, his impeccable ethical credentials. Buoyed by the enthusiastic endorsements of both Major Chicago news papers Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, Rahm Emanuel expressed his eagerness to reach out all across the wider political spectrum to reinforce his candidacy that is deeply devoted to the principles of public service. Rahm stated that he is deeply committed to making mayor office more transparent, efficient and honest.

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