Hari Om Mandir Celebrates Fathers’ Day

Chicago IL: Father’s Day comes once a year on a day in June. For those of you wondering just why it is that our nation sets aside a special day for fathers, let’s put this in perspective. To begin with, if it weren’t for some random guy named Dad, you wouldn’t be here! When you really stop and think about it, it’s no laughing matter. After all, some guy named Dad cared enough about your future existence to marry your Mom and then hang around for 18 years while you grew from an embryo to an infant to a bratty teenager to a full grown adult. That’s quite some commitment, and a lot of time, money, and effort. Parenting is a two partner project, and it’s only natural to celebrate both partners alike.

So, the Fathers get their own day, each and every year, on June 16. Father’s Day means a great many things to a great many people. But most of us will agree that Father’s Day means the day in which you celebrate your Dad’s existence. Father’s Day is the day you bring your Dad a little gift. It’s the day we all say “Thank you for being there, Dad! Thanks for everything you did, and for just being you!” In this day and age of rampant divorce and parental abandonment, it’s more important than ever to pay our due tribute to the fathers who took the time and made the major commitment simply to Be There. There aren’t as many of such noble warriors as you might imagine.

What do people do? Father’s Day is an occasion to mark and celebrate the contribution that your own father has made to your life. Many people send or give cards or gifts to their fathers. As per routine, father’s day was celebrated with enthusiasm by Hari Om Mandir on Sunday, 16thth. June, 2013. Devotees started coming and enjoyed Breakfast courtsey Alreja Family. Congregation: Amritwani by Ramakpur, Rekha Mehta, Goldy were accomplished. Proceedings started from 11-30- AM onwards. All the devotees present enjoyed beautiful Bhajans recited by different persons. At 1-00 pm. Celebrations of Father’s day started by Sneh Chaudhary-Secretary of the Board welcoming all to celebrating Father’ day. She wished Happy Fathers Day to all and invited President Brij Sharma who also wished Happy Fathers Day to all and thanked Rama Kapur and Group for Amritwani and narrated various activities performed by Mandir with the cooperation of all. He also outlined incoming programs and requested all to attend them in large nos. He requested BOT Chairman Ayodhiaji Salwan to handle further proceedings celebrating Fathers Day.

BOT Chairman Ayodhiaji remembered all God Fathers Fathers- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Eternal Fahers and requested them to bestow upon us their Blessings and wished Happy Father’s Day to all. He praised all fathers and reminded of duties of Fathers as savior of the whole family and described father as decisive force, particularly savior of ladies. He is more workaholic and for that his work is not really seen or appreciated. He is light of the family and when he enters the house in the evening after performing his duty for economic upliftment of family members and purchasing various object needed for family. He gave comparison of Father and Mother. As a routine work, he invited few important personalities who did selfless services to the well running of the temple narrating each one’s work, they were- Ramesh Bhardwaj; Bharat Patel and his wife; Ajay Ghai, Natubhai Patel and Jyotikumar Chokshi (of Asian Media). They all were ceremonially welcomed by all and priest honored them bestowing Flower upon them and President Brij Sharma accorded Scarf as a token of Blessings from Deities.

At this stage, he informed about position of Statue of Hanumanji which was expected to arrive during May and depicted video clipping what is the problem and what is being done for solving the same and assured that the same will be arriving at the earliest, being great Father himself.

He then invited his elder brother Satpalji and Bhabhi Madhuji. He also invited Krishan Lal Tejpal and Members of the Both Boards. Krishan Lal Tejpal briefed all about selfless and precisive services rendered by Satpalji and his wife and advised all to follow their footsteps. Satpalji thanked the temple committee for honoring them and said they have not done anything great but said everyone must try to render services to the temple in their own capacity, no service is of lesser importance, service is service after all.

As a token of blessings a gift prepared by Priest and ladies for Fathers- a Dollar Note painted Shri up on it and packed with Sakar to all fathers present by Priests. By the hands of all past and present Presidents, Chairman and elderly people and all present with a view to commemorate Father’s Day, a cake was being cut. After Aarti was sung and all dispersed after taking Prasad courtesy Gambhir family. As usual Mahaprasad was given to all and all dispersed cherishing memories of Father’s Day.Suresh bodywala, Chairman and Jyotikumar Chokshi, Editor, Asian Media were present to cover the proceedings of the event.

Executive Board: Brij Lal Sharma;President, Indrajit Sarkar; Vice President, Sneh Chaudhary; Secretary, Vikas Choudhary; Treasurer, Jeetu Patel; Special Events, ShamTaxali; Property Management, Ramesh Bhardwaj; Publication & Parking, Anshu Paul; Education, Usha Verma; Food & Prasad.
Board of Trustees: Ayodhia Salwan; Chairman, Sham Rawal; Vice Chairman, Mohan Karamchandani; Secretary, Krishan Lal Tejpal; Nirmal Bagga; Vipul Srivastava; Satish Chander;
Amar Singla
Priests: Shastri Yogesh Pandya & Pt.Dinesh Kumar

About Hari OM Mandir: Hari Om Mandir located at DuPage County in the heart of Chicago land. The Mandir has statues of all major North Indian Gods & Goddesses. Every Sunday there is a Havan and general congregation followed by Aarti and Bhojan Prasad. On every first Saturday of the month we have Devi Jagran from 7 – 10pm. Every Monday there is Shiv Puja and every Tuesday we have Hanuman Challisa Path. There are two learned priests available in temple, for Poojas, Havan, Kathas etc in the temple and at home. Please visit Hari Om Mandir at 6N020 Medinah Rd, Medinah, IL Phone: (630)980-0900 www.hariommandir.org