Indian Community of Northwest Indiana celebrates 3rd Anniversary of Bharatiya Temple

Merrillville IN: Bharatiya Temple of North West Indiana located at 8605 Merrillville Road, Merrillville, Indiana celebrated its 3rd Anniversary on June 14th and June 15th, 2013. This two day event took place at the Yagashala, Temple and IACC Hall.

Indian American Cultural Center of Northwest Indiana (IACC) was instrumental in building the Temple. This temple was constructed to preserve, nourish and advance Indian culture, heritage, religious values and social values. 14 acres of land was acquired on March 1999. On May 6th 2000, Bhoomi Pooja was performed and construction began.. For many who toiled countless hours for over two decades, the dream of building a cultural center finally became a reality. The center was opened on March 9th 2002. Plans to expand the existing building and construct a shrine was formally done on June 9th 2009.

The Temple was named as Bharatiya Temple of NWI. This was a historic landmark for the Indian Community of Northwest Indiana. The Grand opening of the Temple – Maha Kumbhabhishekam celebrations were performed on June 18th – 20th & Jain Prathistha Mahotsav on July 17th 2010. This was the first Temple of its kind in the great State of Indiana.

During the 3rd anniversary celebrations, Ganpati Pooja, Rakshabandhan and Kalash Pooja was performed with chanting of Mantras and Shlokas in the Yagashala. Deepa Laxmi Pooja was conducted by Ladies. Lalitha Sahasranamamvali was chanted and Aarthi was done at 7-00 PM. This was followed by Dinner, Prasadam and Ras Garba at the IACC Hall. Durga Matha Aarthi was done at 10-30 PM. The entire program was enjoyed by all the devotees and guests equally. All departed with feelings of devotion and enjoyment.
The program on the second day, Saturday June 15th 2013 started at 8:00 am onwards at Yagashala with Venkateswara Suprabhatham; Sookta Parayana; Ganapati Homam; Shri Ramtaraka Homam; Navagraha Homam; Nakshatra Homam; Sarvatra Alaya Devatha Homam and Dorshan; Vedaparayanam; Aarthi and Lunch Prasadam.

At 4:00 pm Kalasha Pooja, Pradakshina & Procession were performed; Abhishekam was performed for all Deities

At the Temple, Kalash and Dhwajapooja; Dhwaja Aarohana; Astavadan Sewa; Sakal Devta Darshan; Archana; Mahamanglarti; Priest Sambhavanam; Ashirvadam and Prasad Viniyoga for Sponsors were performed with great devotion. Mr. and Mrs. Vidyadhar Gandra and Arun and Gayatri Balkrishnan were the key sponsors.
From 8-00 PM onwards the final program was condcuted at IACC Hall which included Dinner Mahaprasadam, followed by entertaining Music Program by Suraj Patnaik accompanied by Hitesh Master and Richard Christian on Dholak/Tabla.

There were various sponsors for different Sewas- Maha Yajman; Yajman for 14th, Dr. Harish and Suchita Shah and Maha Yajman and Yajman for 15th Arun Balkrishnan and Gayatri Balkrishnan;

The Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce works for the betterment of Northwest Indiana Businesses and Communities by promoting Economic Development, Quality Business Practices, A Voice in Public Policy and Civic pride. An Award Presentation Ceremony took place to recognize three Landmarks of Northwest Indiana. The Northwest Indiana Hindu Religious Center known as Bharatiya Temple, which was chosen by the Landscape & Architectural Committee as a Landmark in Northwest Indiana, as one of the most beautifully decorated temple for its intricacy, fine-looking Murti (statue of a god) and its architect.

Bharatiya Temple and Indian Cultural Center built on approximately on 14 acres of land are a beautiful blend of the traditional Hindu Temple architecture and contemporary architecture elements. It is crowned with Shikhar (Steeple) and decorated with Hindu Temple architectural columns and railings, while The Indian American Cultural Center is decorated with all modern amenities. All of the altars are decorate with carved Burma Teak wood arches imported from Ahmedabad, India. All the deities are carved by artisans from Jaipur, India and were imported to the United States.

Our Priest Sri Prabhakaran Namboodiri Kunnath, started service at the temple during 2nd week of June 2010 just before the Kumbhabhishekam celebrations. Sri Namboodirijee is multilingual (Malyalam, Tamil, Hindi & English, For majority of his 38 years of Priest life, he has been in Chinmaya Mission’s Temples and Ashrams as Priest/Chief Priest, in India, Canada and USA. In addition to normal rituals/poojas, he has deep knowledge of Vedanta.