A Celebration of Fatherhood at Hari Om Mandir

Chicago IL: Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days. Father’s Day was created to complement Mother’s Day, a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood.

Hari Om Mandir at 6N 020, Medinah Road, Medinah, IL 60157, celebrated in breathtaking manner a novel program, “ Father’s Day Family Fun Friday “ on Friday, 14th June, 2013 from 6-30 PM onwards. Seniors Group of the Temple planned this event. They worked tirelessly for days to organize this program. The participants had come prepared with their best item to regale everyone in the audience. The entire program was very well planned and it started with sumptuous dinner. The program was arranged in Lower Hall of the Temple. The highlight of the program was that it was planned and executed by a team of Seniors. It was truly a fun-filled evening. Lots of Music, Jokes and Entertainment brought enjoyment to everyone.

Ayodhiaji Salwan, Chairman wished all the fathers a Happy Fathers Day. He then requested MC Vadheraji to take over the program. Vadheraji started in his own style, full of humor and intelligent statements.

The program started with Guru Vandana by Pt. Yogesh Pandya and Dinesh Kumar. Then onwards the program took momentum with an ever enterprising song, ‘Jo Vada Kiya Hai Who Nibhana Padega’ performed in a melodious voice by Veena Katarya. It followed by a song in fine tune by Malti Sharma singing “Jabse Hui Hai Shadi Afatmen Pad Gaya Hun’.

Arun Chaddha presented his own poems including a poem depicting arguments between a Grand Mother and Grand Daughter highlighting generational difference. This was followed by a duet song ‘Jane Man Jane Man Tere Do Nayan’ by Deepak and Mona Sharma.

The program took a little turn to refresh the audience with Jokes presented by Anita Rawal. Madhu Salwan presented Gazal followed by another song by Hardev Raj, Hame Uske Sanam…’ followed by another old famous song, ‘Mera juta hai Japani…’ by Subhash Oza. Satish Patel presented a famous song, ‘Aana Pal Jane Wala Hai’.

Nish Oza sang a beautiful song, Tan Dole Mera Man Dole’ which made such an impact that Surinder Vaid presented the same on his Flute making it pleasant.

Gobind Ram Dhingra sang a forceful song, ‘Vo Din Door Nahin Balma”. Ram Verma presented light program of Share-a- Shiry and made audience zoom. Flute specialist Surinder Vaid sang a song on Flute in beautiful manner. Ramesh Malhan sang a forceful Punjabi Song.

Sukarn Atwal also sang a forceful Punjabi Song.
Poonam Oza on this occasion presented an emotional song in memory of her Father which was really touching and full of emotions. Uma Nath presented breathtaking Dance,’Tu Hai Mera Prem Devta’ in a style worth appreciating by all.

Dr. Dhingra presented a health talk referring to Heart and Brain. Srivastav sang a romantic song, ‘Jabse Tere Naynon Mere Naynose Mile’. Vimal Sharma delighted the audience with passionate Ghazals.

Ayodhiaji Salwan presented Sacchi Batein in his own entertaining style.

The last item was really a fantastic item presented by Om and Kanan Dhingra and their team. This was nothing but Qawwali. Kudos to the Team. The team consisted of Om and Kanan Dhingra as team leader and Vipin Wadera, Sangeeta Wadera,Ayodhia Salwan, Prem Salwan, Satish Chander, Mira Chander, Nirmal Bagga and Sneh Chaudhary.

Krishan Tejpal, Chairman of Seniors Group was very emotional in his thank-you speech. He praised all those who worked for the program. He was thankful to all the Board Members, who had been working tirelessly, particularly for spending lots of hours from their personal life.