Tri State Telugu Association Ushers Sri Vijayanama Samvatsara in grand style

Chicago IL: Tri-State Telugu Association celebrated its Ugadi and Sri Ramanavami festivities with much pomp and show on April 6th 2013 at the HTGC (Rama Temple) in Lemont, Illinois. The theme for the event was “New Beginnings” and covered Chaitramu, Ugadi, Vasanta Navaatrulu, Sri Ramanavami and Sri Sita Ramula Charitra.

Sri. Raghu Angara, the Cultural Coordinator for this gala event, organized 38 creative, innovative and many unique programs in which approximately 330 kids and adults participated. The auditorium was packed with approximately 700 people.

The audience was enthralled with a variety of programs ranging from skits, dances, songs and dance-dramas.
The program started in the authentic Telugu cultural norm of Panchanga Sravanam by the Rama temple priest followed by the Ganesha invocation dance “Muddakaratha Modakam” choreographed by Smt. Asha Acharya Adiga.

Sri. Raghu Angara always endeavors to teach the new generation kids, Indian values and the great Indian Mythology. Continuing the spirit of the evening Smt. Jayashree Tatavarti directed a skit “Mana Illu – Mana Adarshalu” which focussed on values regarding respect for parents, gurus, and guests – all of whom are equal to God.

Other programs which were very well executed were Jo Jo Rama, Bhadrasaila Ramamandira, choreographed by Smt. Apuroopa Tipparaju; Ahana Pelli Anta, based on the famous yesteryears movie “Maya Bazaar” choreographed and performed by Srinidhi Angara and friends; America to Amalapuram, skit performed by the Manandaribadi children and directed by Smt. Krishna Sharada Bathina. This was followed by delicious dinner.
The second half of the evening started off with beautiful rendition of “Pahi Rama Prabho” and “Nagumomu Galavani” krithis by the students of Rajaveena School of Music under the direction of their reknowned guru Smt. Rajeswari Pariti. This was followed by another wonderfu recitation of the “Narayana Upanishad – Krishna Yajurveda” by the Yerramili sisters.

The theme item “New Beginnings” was conceived, written and directed by Sri. Raghu Angara and lasted for 70 minutes. The theme was all about opportunities and new beginnings that life bestows upon us . The transition from Phalgunamu to Chaitramu, Satyayugam to Tretayugam, Sri Nandananama Ugadi to Sri Vijayanama Ugadi were beautifully depicted, choreographed and performed to the utter delight of the audience. The theme was narrated by Sri. Vegesna Sivarama Raju as Narada Maharshi. The stage was beautifully decorated with bright sarees, pictures of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Anjaneya. The colorful lighting was extra-ordinary and added reality to the entire theme.

The theme started with Phalgunamu (Winter). The dancers gave a beautiful interpretation of this season, choreographed by Smt. Janaki Andavalli Nair. The music was by Sri. Raghu Angara. This was followed by the Holika (Sister of Hiranyakashipa) dahanamu and the victory of Good over Evil. Depicting the last night of Satyayugamu, Holi was celebrated by avibrant dance by Smt. Apuroopa Tipparaju and friends.

The dawn of spring (Chaitramu) was celebrated through a wonderful welcome song “Swagatamo Yugadi” directed by Smt. Madhavi Angara and performed by 17 adults and children. The other items of the theme included Sri Rama Jananamu, Sri Anjaneya Janmamu, Sita Swayamvaramu, Sita Kalyanamu, Sri Rama Aranyavasamu, Sri Rama Pattabhishekamu and Mangalamu. These items were beautifully choreographed by Sri. Raghu Angara and various accomplished Kuchipudi Dance Teachers like Smt. Sobha Tammana, Smt. Lavanya Jonnalagadda, Smt. Prasuna Vootkur, and Smt. Hemamalini Yaddanapudi.

The theme program ended with a wonderfully choreographed contemporary dance “Conflict” depicting global
warming and the current clash of winter and spring seasons. This item was choreographed by Sri. Raghu Angara and the team of energetic performers led by Anup Kilani and Anand Bhatt.

Some of the other highlights of the evening were Shankara Srigiri choreographed by Smt. Vanitha Veeravalli, followed by Srirama Nammrutam Choreographed by Smt. Karunya Bhatter. Kathak Tarana and “Murali
Manohar Krishna Kanhaiya ” chorographed by Smt. Gauri Jog. The evening ended with a Skit “Mitravinda
Swayamvaram” a comedy skit directed by Smt. Lakshmi Duvvapu.

The audience enjoyed the programs immensely and went home with beautiful memories of an exemplary show
and an unforgettable evening. A very well executed function by Sri. Raghu Angara and his accomplished team of Choreographers, Music directors and Skit directors. TTA’s Ugadi function clearly show’s there is no dearth of talent in the Chicagoland area.