Bollywood USA 2013 Announces the Global Indian Film Awards to be held in Illinois

Chicago, IL: Bollywood USA 2013 officially announced a Press Conference today to introduce the Bollywood Film Awards taking place in Illinois in 2013. The Press Conference was on Monday, October 1st at 7:30 PM at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at 11 East Walton Street Chicago, IL 60611

Moving to the purpose of this evening, this press event and reception has been funded entirely through private donations and sponsorships. I won’t name them all but you can see them listed on the back screen as well as on your programs. These people have come together to help announce the 2013 Global Indian Film Awards, which will be the first major Bollywood awards to be hosted in the United States, The awards are slated to take place on June 22, 2013 and will be proceeded by a weeklong schedule of events and festivities.

With an expected attendance of up to 20,000 we are excited that the GIFA awards will allow us the highlight the social cohesion and collaboration that strongly ties the entire South Asian diaspora both here and across the United States. It will be a multi-ethnic, multigenerational extravaganza that will highlight our diversity and our unity. Venue and world-wide television distribution plans are currently being finalized. The night include a VIP Red Carpet Reception and South Asian musical performances and entertainment.

The event will be globally televised by Zee Entertainment. Enterprises Ltd., one of India’s leading television, media, and entertainment companies. Illinois in keeping with its renowned tradition as a pioneering and first mover state, acts as the host destination for the GIF A awards.

The Global Indian Film Awards (GIF A), produced by Sohail Khan Entertainment, marks the first time a
major South Asian awards program has been held in the United States. The event will feature A-list
celebrities and stars. Venues are currently being finalized and all information, including opportunities for
sponsorship, will be available on Bollywood USA 2013’s website:

“It’s a pleasure to bring GIFA to the beautiful City of Chicago. I sincerely thank the State of Illinois and
the City of Chicago for hosting GIF A 2013,” said Sohail Khan of Sohail Khan Entertainment in India.
Bollywood USA 2013 estimates approximately 20,000 fans from around the world to attend various
awards related events and the actual GIF A night. The events will be televised on Zee Channels across five
continents and in 168 countries with over 500 million viewers.

Bollywood is a major employer and a major contributor to national wealth in India. About 14 million
Indians go to the movies daily (about 1.4 ofthe population of 1 billion). Bollywood produces over 800
films each year; that is more than double the number of feature films produced in the United States.
Besides being popular in India, the global South Asian Diaspora contributes to the cross-cultural appeal of
Bollywood movies. For more information, see

Bollywood is not only about being fun but being artistically free. Sulagna Gangwani, is a local Chicago choreographer whose Bollywood is inspired by Contemporary, fusion of Indian classical, Jazz, Ballet and Hip-Hop dance technique. She is one of the few choreographers taking a contemporary approach with Indian music. With 25 years of dance experience and a passion for fusing dance genres, she has developed TaalFusion as a contemporary bridge between the Eastern and the Western classical styles. Trained extensively in Indian Classical form Oddissi by the Great Guru Mayadhar Raut, and is also professionally trained in Ballet, Jazz and Latin dance forms she says – “Creating innovative pieces, and being allowed to push the limits of cultural fusion brings me great joy….”

Asked how she trains and works with students from different cultural backgrounds: Her response is classical dance, whether Indian or Ballet is an alphabet and you take that building block and start layering words and sentences with your own unique interpretation and create beautiful stories. But you MUST start with a strong classical platform. Bollywood has such a rich diversity of world music, beats, lyrics and context to choose from, we are very lucky with the collection of music within Bollywood. She routinely collaborates with area dance organizations to create collaborative pieces and bring Bollywood to the masses as a technical competitive genre. She also volunteers her time with collegiate level Asian dance teams and competitions to help further the platform.

Performance last night – Taalfusion showcased their signature style representing the diversity within the Bollywood genre. The performance exhibited the unique ability to blend and adapt to various different dance techniques. They performed to a Indian classical and Jazz piece, a traditional Bollywood classic followed by an intense emotional story telling danced in a Bollywood contemporary style. Taalfusion senior dancer Kamille Neely stole the show with her breathtaking dance technique and performance. Dancers Ayesha Arora, Emily Klesel and Komal Sharma lit up the stage with their electric performances.

An interesting fact about the choreographer: She strives to be a role model for all the aspiring dancers within the community. She graduated from the elite engineering school B.I.T.S Pilani and has an MBA from Michigan. Even while pursuing her career in a completely different world she has always kept a serious discipline and rigor in her passion, the dance arts. Her message to the younger generation is whether dance is your hobby or profession you need to keep the same level of dedication and discipline. It should always look and feel effortless, and that cannot happen if you are treating it as a hobby to be done when you have time.

General Information
Taalfusion projects provide breathtaking eclectic pieces and entertain with a modern twist on Bollywood. An amalgamation of talented dancers coming together on the Bollywood platform. Taalfusion sets the bar very high and collaborates with professional and semi-professional dancers to create an educational program about the Bollywood genre.

Taalfusion collaborates to create original, innovative and one of a kind productions filled with cultural fusion from South Asia. Do you need inspiration for your stage, promotional, film, TV, music video, road shows, trade exhibitions or gala dinner events? TaalFusion conducts education seminars, choreography and technique workshops, show conceptualization, design and planning. We can consult with you for everything from stage and costume design to casting and choreography. Engage us for an eclectic contemporary mix of Indian/Bollywood flavor to the backdrop of global music. For event consulting contact Ketki (630) 886 4700. visit

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