Chaalo Gujarat 3rd Day 09-02-2012 Sunday

Edison, NJ: Chaalo Gujarat, World Gujarati Conference 2012 was organized by the Association of Indian Americans in North America (AIANA) in New Jersey, USA during Friday 31, August to Sunday 2, September, 2012 at the Raritan Expo Center. Theme of third Chaalo Gujarat event was Gujarat, Gujarati, Gujaratism. There were plenty Cultural and Art Performances arranged successfully during three days’ long Conference. Everybody present there, enjoyed fully the Culture of Gujarat, its Art, literature and Gujaratism.

Three days extravaganza under one roof conducted by Sunil Nayak, the person behind all these tremendous work, always love to experiment with and try to present something new every time. Owed as the biggest gathering of its kind outside India, Chaalo Gujarat attracted more than 30,000 for the duration of the conference. The State of New Jersey even issued a proclamation declaring Aug. 31 as Gujarati Day as recognition of the community’s contributions to the state.

Chaalo Gujarat 3rd Day 09-02-2012 Sunday
On the third and final day of ‘Chaalo Gujarat’ giant Ratinan Center was overwhelmingly crowded in celebrating the final day of the event. It was a grand success. Under the leadership and dedicated work of Sunil Nayak and his team was big reason for the success of this event. Their profuse labor paved the way to success.

The entire three day convention started on August, 31, 2012 and ended on September, 2, 2012. From US and abroad, Many Gujrati’s and people who love and Gujrati attended the three day event. Excellent arrangements for thousands of people attending the festivity from all corners of world had to be lodged, transported, fed and made comfortable and enjoy their stay demanded very hard organization and work to be make the event successful. Sunil Nayak and his team of AIANA worked ‘day and night’ over a year prior to the event for planning and executing the entire event in all aspect. The profound success and praises for this was apparent from the written and verbal praises from Indian Diaspora of USA, India, U.K. even some from China.

Beginning of the third and final day program commenced with familiar voice of ‘Samay” from TV serial Mahabharat, Shri Harish Bhimani who delivered welcome address. Thereafter followed was narration of religious discussion by Tushar Shukla, by singing poems with Musical programs, which combined Swaminarayan and Vashnav Tradition. Artists presented their talent wholeheartedly. His holiness shri Moraribapu also viewed welcomed and appreciated the entire program.

Other notable activity going on was a seminars addressing current state of Gujrati film production and upcoming first 3-D Gujarati Film. In the Seminar discussion also focused on negative impact on Indian Movies due to Double Taxation Structure in USA. The discussion was moderated by Shri Ashwin Pandya along with his colleague Shri Harit Kapadiya, who are prominent Chartered Accountant of New Jersey area. Along with them there was also co-moderator renowned Lawyer Shipenski.

Next, a Well-known Herbal and Home remedies expert Dr. Pankaj Naram talked mainly matters related to Healthy Life. Over and above this and other informative seminars also were presented and useful, After the conclusion of religious program Jai Wasawada- a well-known journalist presented his views in his impressive style. His news paper column is very popular amongst youth. American Gujarati Indians also are familiar with his style of writing.

Subsequently eagerly awaited program of Kavi Sammelan conducted by Tushar Shuka started starring Mukesh Josi, Harsh Brahmbhatt, Anil Joshi, Shyamal Munshi, Krishna Dave, Saumya Joshi, Chandu Shah, Rais Maniar, Mona Nayak, Pritam Lakhlani.. This program was held in a big hall due to overwhelming popularity and appreciating it very much. Befittingly on this occasion, ‘Panchat’ a book written by Dhruti Amin was officially opened and distributed by Harsh Brahmbhatt. Over and above this Bharat Ghelani from Chitralekha, Pricky Dalal of Mumbai Samachar and other were honored with Plaques on this occasion.

Next on the main stage entered a personality none other than Shakti Singh Gohil, a respected leader of opposition for delivering his speech.
‘Bol Bacchan’ fame actress Prachi Desai presented herself dressed in dazzling creamy and gold reflective design costume with formal ‘Kem Chho’ uttering in Gujarati. All the audience present welcomed her warmly with tremendous clapping creating touchy scenes.

Audio-Video presentation of Chula Devi and grandeur of ancient Gujarat’s Culture was lusty. The deliberations of the their day ended with beautiful dance by Handicapped girls from ‘Manthan’. At the end of program all were engaged clapping in the entire hall for cherishing Traditional Gujarati Garbas.

Arrangements for food service was superb. Three Day long ‘Chaalo Gujarat’ ended with very satisfactory note. Except certain minor insignificant incidence over all the entire program was successfully accomplished. It was feeling of majority of attendees to have such program for a longer than just 3 day period. The program’s success was attributed to the hard work by delegates and volunteers. Atul Nayak of Team AIANA came with more than 80 volunteers from Connecticut. Volunteers from Yogi Divine Society and Dwarkadhish Temple provided security staff, Members of Raritan Expo Center Management, local Police and Fire Brigade Service performed service beyond expectation. Delicious varieties of food were prepared and catered by “Maharaj” or Cooks who came from India. The “Hotel 999 Management” also co-operated and provided very nice service. Sunil Nayak introduced the entire AIANA team on stage and thanked all for their generous support.

Sunil and his team of AIANA had made a courageous effort to bring the community together in a distant land and that in itself was laudable given the fact that he had to overcome all the obstacle to the various local agencies to put up the show of this magnitude and bring so many Gujaratis under one roof. “I have invited people from all walks of life for this conference. If it were my daughter’s wedding, I would not have invited many of them,” Nayak said

“Several leading Gujaratis from various fields attend the conference and share their experience. Besides, religious leaders, industrialists, businessmen, professionals, politicians, celebrities from Indian Television and Film industry attend the conference. Chaalo Gujarat World Gujarati Conference is serious effort by IANA to inspire the global Gujaratis to reconnect with their roots through a dynamic forum of industrial, cultural, political, academic and social leaders. AIANA aims to bring Guajarati’s from all walks of life under one roof” said Sunil Nayak. ‘Chaalo Gujarat’ three days of Reconnecting, Reliving and Resurging.

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