Obituary of Adorable Mr. Dipak Patel

Chicago IL: Mr. Dipak Patel, son of United Senior Pariwar (USP) President Mr. Ramanbhai Patel, passed away on Saturday June 30 2012. He died after complication following the surgery. As per family request, his funeral / cremation ceremony was arranged by Indian Cremation NFP organization.

His dignified and customary “Hindu” cremation were performed at Bohemian National Cemetery of Chicago, 5255 N. Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL 60630 on Tuesday JULY 3rd, 2012 Between 10 A.M. to 12 Noon. Mr. David Pimm, Funeral director of the place, personally arranged all the end of the life ritual as per Hindu Cremation Code of Ethics and guide line.(Funeral Director of Bohemian National Cemetory Mr. David Pimm is well versed in end of the life rituals of Hindu/Jain/Sikh religious practices. He did this by educating himself for several months by visiting holy city of Banaras, India.)

Pooja ceremony started at 10-00 am amongst presence of over 530 people including many relatives, friends, Members of USP, and many dignitaries including Mafatbhai Patel, Dr. Bharat Barai, Sunil Shah, Satwarma, Satish Chandarana, Trustee, Hindu Temple, and many followers and dignitaries of Swaminarayan Sampradaya.
Rohit Joshi, Priest and Sr. member of USP started the proceedings with Shanti Mantra and Mrutunjay Jap. Many relatives and friends remembered Dipak Patel emotionally and narrated their experiences with Dipak. Dipak Patel was the only son of Shri Ramanbhai and Kantaben Patel. He was only 48 years of age at the time of his tragic demise. Dipak was a philanthropist, dedicated husband and father, god fearing and god loving, compassionate, humble and soft spoken dedicated human being. He left lasting excellent impression on any one who came in touch with him. He was very kind and always ready to help others. He has nurtured the business of Motel and Dry Cleaning throughout his life. Sagar Patel, elder son and Megha Patel, his daughter remembered memories and virtues of their beloved father. This was followed by emotional euology by Dipak’s sisters Prafullaben, Belaben and Lopaben. They all spoke about their beloved brother and reminded of his good deeds and virtues of his life. At the end of the Pooja, Deepak was garlanded a Shawl was placed on him on behalf of USP members. At the end of Pooja and prayers, all the attendees paid emotional final departing respect by dedicating Flowers at his foot. At the completion of ceremonies carried out in traditional Hindu way and his body being bathed with water from holy Ganga Jal. and dressed in his favorite clothes, flowers were positioned all over his body along with application of ghee and placing his favorite ceremonial objects. At this point, witnessed cremation took place by placing his body in cremation chamber and turning on the fire by igniting gas fired furnace.

About Indian Cremation NFP (Not For Profit)
Antyesti or Hindu funeral rites, also referred to as Antim Sanskar, is an important Sanskara, sacrament of Hindu society. Extensive texts of such rites are available, particularly in the Garuda Purana. As prescribed by Hindu, Jain and Sikh religion, cremation is generally only option available for a deceased person. To help choose dignified professional cremation at a reasonable price for our community members, dedicated volunteers started organization called “India Cremation Not For Profit” organization. On its website and in companion book, there are listed thirteen places of cremation and attached funeral homes in metropolitan Chicago land area. Their locations and other details are listed along with their pre-negotiated “package prices” for Hindu/Jain/Sikh cremation. The address of the “Indian Cremation Not For Profit” website is Besides location, prices and details of facilities, web site/Book includes all the necessary information pertaining to the cremation, like name and address of the priests, florists and their prices etc. It also includes guideline to be performed certain rituals just prior and at the time of death, items needed for Pooja ceremony, and FAQ on the same subject. In essence, this easy to obtain crucial information on our web site and in the companion book is “essential informational guide” available to anyone, who is looking for ‘professional dignified funeral/cremation at a reasonable price’ for the deceased person to help him/her to achieve way to Moxa, Nirvana or Haven. For further information/questions regarding Indian Cremation, please contact Chandrakant M. Modi MD at 847 677 6008 or Mr. Suresh Bodiwala at 847 420 4789.

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