Gujarat State Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressed NRIs across 12 cities in USA

Chicago IL: Indian Gujarati Samuday of North America Celebrated Gujarat Day / 52nd Anniversary Of The State Of Gujarat celebrated with Honorable Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Of Gujarat Live Via Satellite by Electronic Media at 5:00 PM, Saturday, May 19, 2012 at Jain Temple, 435 N. Route 59, Bartlet, IL 60103. In Auditorium was full to its capacity accommodating more than 1500 Gujaratis and also many Non Gujaratis as well as Americans. Apart from Gujarat, Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s, 45-minute speech in English and Hindi listened by over 10,000 people in USA.


Major Participating Cities: Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, New York, Columbus, Toronto, Houston Texas, Los Angeles, Tampa, Phoenix. All, 12 cities in USA and Canada was simultaneously connected through videoconferencing. Mr. Modi talked about the progress of Gujarat in various sectors. From Tokyo to Tennessee and from Moscow to Mombasa, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi enjoys immense international popularity

Midwest Ismaili Pipe Band, performed at the Gujarat Day Celebration. They travelled through Temple Hall way to Auditorium, Stage Escorting Dignitaries and there after moved round the entire Auditorium, befitting to Traditional Beginning, which added to the dignity of the Graceful Event.

Sumptuous Dinner supplied by BAPS was served by the Volunteers between 5 to 6.45 pm in dining hall. Entire program was meticulously planned and executed Community Activist well known Dr. Bharat Barai with his tireless team. Dr. Bharat Barai :Dr. Barai is very trendy for his total commitment and involvement in the Indian community organizations and temples. He is a brilliant scholar, a respected professional in Asian community. Dr. Barai welcomed all to this unique program held throughout U.S.A. simultaneously in 12 populous Cities. He also thanked all sponsors, supporters, Volunteers who have helped for making this program successful. This was followed by National Anthem-USA & India, Meena Purohit (MC) presented recorded National Anthem of America and India, both depicting glimpses of events and also sung by familiar famous singers of both countries. This was followed by another famous song composed by Vir Narmad ‘Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat. Renown singer from Chicago Bharti Desai (MC) was the emcee for the Gujarat Din program. She spoke about the history of Gujarat and stated that she was very proud to be Gujarati, let alone Indian. She stated that Gujarat was
Mahatma Gandhi’s birth place as well as Chief Minister, Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi had a big hand in the development of Gujarat.

Next, Hetal Patel introduced Brown Sugar Group from Northwestern University. Brown Sugar is the nation’s premiere co-ed South Asian collegiate a cappella group. Founded in 1999 by two Northwestern students looking to embrace their South Asian roots, Brown Sugar performs refreshing mixes of South Asian and Western music, ranging everywhere from Bollywood classics and Punjabi pop to American rock and R&B. The group has successfully stood out in a growing South Asian a cappella scene in the U.S., winning the National South Asian Cappella Competition, Gathe Raho, in 2010 and 2011, beating out teams from Stanford, Vanderbilt. The Brown Sugar has released three studio albums, “Pehla Nasha”, “Rhythm Room”, and “Cubed”, to rave reviews, the latter two available for purchase on the iTunes Music Store.

The songs Brown Sugar performed were, in the following order:
1) An upbeat fusion of Dil Se Re from the movie Dil Se and Yun Hi Chala from the movie Swades
2) A heart-wrenching rendition of Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka from Devdas

The group had also prepared a special fusion about parents — a mix of Daddy’s Little Girl by the Western artist Frankie J and the song Maa from the movie Taare Zameen Par. In addition, Brown Sugar presented majestic fusion song about India — Des Rangila from the movie Fanaa and Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The group received gracious applause and praise from nearly all of the audience at the event, gaining personal praise from Congressman Joe Walsh

Next, Dr Indrajit Patel announced the undertaking building of tallest Statue in the World at the sight of Narmada dam in memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Iron Man of India and the person who was instrumental in forming the United India. Also informed that we have started selling specially-minted silver coins in a bid to raise funds for the Statue of Unity project. The silver for minting the coins have been donated by NRIs based in Chicago. The coins bear engravings of the image of Chief Minister Narendra Modi on one side and Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on other side. They were released during a special occasion of celebration of the ‘Swarnim Gujarat’. He added that Last month, residents of Suvai village in Kutch district had donated 100 kg of silver for the project.

Following this Usha Kamaria Usha kamaria wished all Gujaratis all over the world peace and prosperity on Gujarat Din. She also introduced a charitable society that works on young generation called Yogi Devine Society which is led by shree Hari Prasad Swamiji. Swamiji is dedicated to mold and shape the young generation with spirituality and with lot of love and care. Students of Yogi Devine Society performed a beautiful folk dance of Gujarat called Atmiyata Raas.

Fast Track Gujarat 2012, was presented through Fast Track video Program by Beena Patel (MC). The informative video was Composed by Gujarat tourism depicting overall progress made by Gujarat. It gave glimps of past and present leaders of the state including dynamic Hon. Chief Minister Shree Narendra Modi. It also depicted celebration of festivals such as kite flying, Navaratri, diwali and many others event celebrated and enjoyed by Gujrati’s around the world. Mr Modi has been recognized across the world for establishing Gujarat as the most Business-Friendly and Prosperous State in India. Most recently under his leadership, Gujarat Government has introduced new initiatives such as Krishi Mahotsav’ a month of celebration of farmers and their progress, Cattle Health Camp, Mass-Marriage function called ‘Kunvar Bai Nu Mameru’ Scheme which helps so many couple start a new life and provides cash incentive and household goods to newly-wed couple to
begin the Grahasthi. The connections he has made with such educated/distinguished Gujarati people all over the world is evident by all of his accomplishments over the years which exceeds any of our past CMs achievements in the history of Gujarat. Modi Sahib has allotted barren land to Auto Industry and which has now made Gujarat a Hub of Auto Industry just like Detroit. Gujarat Miracle is not an accident. It is the Vision of Narendra Modi and his ability to translate that vision into reality. Within 5 years, he transformed Gujarat to become #1 state in India. Today Gujarat is fast becoming the second Singapore of Asia. For Narendra Modi to continue his program, he needs a strong mandate. Please spread the word and support him. His win is win for Gujarat and for all of India. God bless Gujarat!

Subsequently Kantibhai Patel honored the Sponsors and thanked them for their contribution. These were Platinum Sponsors: Niranjan & Pratima Shah, Gold Sponsors Chhotalal Patel (S & S Inti), Drs Panna & Bharat Barai, and AAHOA-Sunny Gabhawala, Silver Sponsors Naren Patel (Medstar Labs), Mafat Patel (Patel Bros), Dr. Mehbub Kapadia, Hiren Patel (National Republic Bank), Babubhai Patel (Patel Realty), Sunil Shah ( NY Life), Suryakant Patel, Dr. Indrajit Patel, Dr. Kamal Patel, and Dr. Utpal Parekh. This was followed by Gratitude to the Volunteers and supporting Associations by Bhailal Patel. He thanked 30 associations and their 60 representatives of supporting associations.

This was followed by a introduction of Mr. William Joseph “Joe” Walsh by Alkesh Patel. Honarary Joe Walsh a Republican U.S. Representative for Illinois’ northwest suburban 8th congressional district. He has served in Congress since January 2011 after defeating three-term incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean by a margin of 291 votes in a surprising upset. Joe Walsh in his short yet spirited speech appreciated the progress made by Gujarat during tenure of Narendra Modi and also wished that the progress of Gujarat continue making it a foremost State not only in Gujarat but come up to the international scene and also assured that he will try his best to accord Visa to him by US authority. Also made it clarify that there is miss conception about denial of Visa again as the fact is, he has never applied after 2002 and hence question of non sanction does not arise after 2002 Joesph Walsh delivered a short yet spirited speech. He was received by a loud and standing applause when he stated that he will work hard and will not be silent till Narendra Modi is granted U.S. Visa. also commended the progress made by Gujarat and assured his co operation.

After a brief technical glitch, a Live presentation of key note speech by CM Naren Modi was presented. The Chief Minister spoke on the a range of development initiatives of Gujarat in the last decade. He affirmed that Gujarat had contributed in both side of the freedom struggle. Remembering memories of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel who led the non- violent struggle, Under his brilliant leadership he transformed deficit of Rs 6700 crore in to surplus state, without imposing additional taxes on the people or business. The Chief Minister shared that Gujarat has achieved balanced growth in all three sectors- Agriculture, Industry and Services. American companies have invested Rs. 15,000 core in Gujarat. Gujarat is among the one of the 4 Governments in the world that have a dedicated department for climate change and today the water table in Gujarat has risen from 3 to 13 meter. On the infrastructure front, all villages of Gujarat have 24/7 electricity and 18,000 villages enjoy broadband connectivity. The Government replaced dirty fuel by CNG to clean up the dirty air in Ahmedabad. The Gujarat’s tourism is growing at 16%. per year. Talking about the common complaint of cleanliness, Shri Modi spoke about Gujarat’s landmark initiatives to build community toilets for the people. At one time 46-lakh out of the 56-lakh households did not have toilets while now 44 lakh toilets have been built and the rest would be completed very soon.

Sitting progress in education, school Dropout rates in Gujarat has plummeted to very low at 2% and there is now 100 percent enrolment rate in the state. He spoke about Gujarat’s advances self sufficiency in achieving green energy by sitting example of 600 MW production of solar energy The Solar Park at Charanka will be the Asia’s largest. While concluding his speech, Shri Modi said that Gujarat is a land of Shanti, Sadbhavana and Vikas. He again thanked the organizers and ended his speech with ‘Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat!’

‘Kasumbi no Rang’ a famous Shorya Geet composed by Late Shri Zaverchand Meghani was presented sung in Video.
Vote of Thanks was performed by Naren Patel Thanking to all Sponsors, Supporting Associations, Media, audience, authorities of Jain Temple for providing Hall, BAPS for Dinner and Security. He conveyed Gratitude to Volunteers for their selfless and untried service. The program ended with singing of Vande Mataram (by Lata Mangeshkar)

Suresh Bodiwala Chairman of Asian Media had an opportunity to conduct interview regarding perspective of the “Gujarat Din” with prominent community leader and CEO of Medstar Lab Mr. Naren Patel where he said that ” ‘Even the highly respected senior most politician from India visited we hardly see 500 people at the most, however, to see and hear Chief Minister Narendra Modi speak via televised broadcast, Indian Americans attended in thousands. You can imagine the crowd if he really visited U S A. There were more than 1500 Gujaratis who attended in Chicago, and the same has been conducted simultaneously in 12 cities throughout the USA. Unity and Team work is key factor for success of this event. I am deeply impressed by the team of volunteers who has put in selfless service for this noble cause.

Suresh Bodiwala, Chairman of Asian Media USA and Jyotikumar Chokshi, Editor of Asian Media USA, had an opportunity to talk to the audience regarding the Gujarat Din event after the show. The following comments were made by the audience:

  • A very inspiring and meaningful event, that shows the rich traditional heritage and culture of India
  • We are deeply impressed by the team of volunteers who has put in selfless service for this noble cause.
  • Here are some of the excerpts from the interviews ‘When Prime Minister or President of India visits the USA and meetings are called, the outcome of participation is hardly 400-500 people, however, to see and hear Chief Minister Narendra Modi speak, via televised broadcast, Indian Americans attended in thousands. There were more than 1500 Gujaratis who attended in Chicago, and the same has been conducted simultaneously in 12 cities throughout the USA.
  • One of the most important fact is that the strong unity demonstrated by almost all Associations, proving support for the cause of solidarity of Gujarat and Gujaratis. This proves a point that if we decide to take on the World, we can do it just by supporting each other and fighting for the right cause
  • Narendra Modi is doing a fantastic Job as a Leader of Gujarat and he deserves to be the Prime Minister of India for the betterment of the great nation of India.
  • The Gujarat Din celebration was a tri-lingual success where the program was spoken in Hindi, Gujarati and English.
  • Other point in support of Modi’s popularity is that almost every Indo-American Associations provided the sponsorship and support for the cause.
  • Narendra Modi is doing fantastic Job as a Leader of Gujarat and deserves to be Prime Minister of India for good of the country”.
  • Shri Narendra Modi is the no.1 minister of World.
  • In Democracy only thing that matters is public opinion, it’s strongly in favor of Narendra Modi
  • Proud to be Gujrati’s in Modi’s Government

The overall feedback from the Chicago crowd of 1500+ was excellent. The program was very well organized and conducted.

On this occasion there were few organizations and vendors who distributed different literature s and discussed various issues related to their expertise notables of them are; Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America who put various literature about their activities. Another notable one was Art of Living which is going to present Anandotsav-A melodius Musical Evening with Sachin Limaye, a versatile singer. Booth for propagating Silver Coins to be sold for the noble cause of building Statue Of Unity in memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vontage- Phone/Mobile services company Money Dart- Money Transfer to India and UAE Exchange for Money Transfer Soul Care Services, Inc.- home Health Agency- Dedicated to provide quality Home Care Services.Personalized suport services and Health Care at your own home. Saris and Things- An exclusive
Online Sari Rental Shilal Daftari

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