Urdu Times Presents “Shaam-e-Ghazal a Tribute to Ghazal Maestro- Mehdi Hassan”

Bensenville, IL: Urdu Times Presents “Shaam-e-Ghazal a Tribute to Ghazal Maestro- Mehdi Hassan” was held at the Monty’s Banquet hall, 703 South York Road in Bensenville, IL on Friday, January 21, 2011. Mehdi Hassan! A master in music such as Mehdi Hassan deserved the spectacular tribute he had received as not one member of the audience was displeased by his three sons’ performances. His very loyal sons, Kamran Mehdi Hassan, Imran Mehdi Hassan, and Faizan Mehdi Hassan performed wonderfully for their father showing him their love and devotion to him and by helping the audience relives the legendary career of Mehdi Hassan. The gesture was no small act as they showed him the beautiful music he had raised them with and what they have made of it in their lives.

The event was stunning as the classical music played by the trio was accompanied by applause for a considerable amount of time while they played. The audience was not only pleased with the performance, but appalled by the very elegance of each word sung, each note hit, each pounding of the Tabla, and each keystroke. Each member of the audience knew what to expect, but received much more than what they originally planned for. The 16th generation of music in this family played wonderful.

The family of the King of Ghazals has been said to have been raised by music as Mehdi Hassan’s father, Ustad Azim Khan passed down his love for music down to his son. The Shah was taught by his musically wise uncle, Ismail Khan what classical Indian music is truly composed of. Born with talent, The Shah soon became a radio artist. He then progressed into what may be his God-given talent, ghazals. His first ghazal landed in the film Shikkar which was back 1962. He then entered a new phase of his life: the start of being a legend.

Three of the Princes of Ghazals live in the United States of America, while the King resides in Pakistan at the Aga Khan University hospital. Alongside Mehdi Shah is his loving son, Arif Shah. We all should pray that Mehdi Shah’s condition improves soon.

As the world progresses classical music gains a whole new audience that may not appreciate the beauty of the it’s rich melodic style, yet those who do appreciate it know the truth art held within each note played. With the legacies of the Shah of Ghazals, those here tonight have been exposed to true art.

Those who enjoyed the music tonight were Raja Razza, Ilyas Khokhar, the manager of Monty’s Banquet Halls, Shahid Jamal Nazini, Tariq Siddiqui, Junaid Fami, Sohail Yousaf, and Parliament members. Each of these very important people was blessed to hear the legacy of the Shah of Ghazals.

Sponsors of this event were Asia Motors (Naveed & Mateen), American Family insurance (Aamir Kamal), Millrun Tours (Ali Abbas Zaidi), AM Travel (Matten Khan), Falak Fashion (Anwar Husain), Sahil Boutique (Babu Patel), Chandani Boutique (Mirza Hamid Baig), National Heating and Cooling (Azhar), The MRI image of west Chicago (Syed Omar Tirmizi), Reliance Insurance (Asif Hamid), Urgent Tax Service (Naveed Ahmad and Asif Waheed), Usmania Restaurant (Noor Yaqoob) and Asian Island Grocery (Hafiz Khalil)

Those who we should thank are the hosts, Jawaid Riaz, Masroor Qurshe, Hameed Vllaha, Colonel Wamia, Zakir Sabri, and of course, Tariq Khawaja. For further information please refer to the following. Urdu Times 773-274-3100

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