Rhythms of Rajasthan Serenade the seniors and Youth at the Hamdard Center

Chicago, IL. The Rhythms of Rajasthan presented a fabulous folklore at the Hamdard Center located at 1542 W. Devon Ave Chicago, IL on Thursday, January 20, 2011. Over 50 attendees gathered to discover the magical Rhythms of Rajasthan. The Rhythms of Rajasthan performer consists of 5 members who dazzled the audience with their vocal and instrumental talents. Men were dressed in exotic and colorful attire with multi-colored Paghdis accompanied by Ms. Sevadevi, the dancing queen of the Rhythms of Rajasthan group. This project has been conceived in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, by Nitin Nath Harsh, a folklore promoter.

Nitin Nath Harsh has been working with more than 100 folk artists of Rajasthan for the past nine years. He began his career in folklore of Rajasthan with the late legendry folklorist Padam Bhushan Komal Kothari. The vast unending expanse of burning hot sand that makes up the Thar Desert of Rajasthan hosts one of the most vibrant and evocative music cultures of the world. The Rhythms of Rajasthan have been evolved from an idea to create an exciting fusion of traditional rhythms and melodies from this culture.

The group captures the romanticism and heroism of the north Indian desert in a visceral hypnotic performance of poetry, dance, and music. The hereditary caste musicians perform the traditional music of the Langa and Manganiar in addition to Kalbelia dance as a component in the group’s colorful and stunning performances.

The gems of Rhythms of Rajasthan are Mr. Faqir Khan on the Khartaal and a wonderful folklore singer, Mr. Kachra Khan, a singer, Mr. Zakab Khan, who is a renowned dholak player and a singer along with Mr. Habib Khan Lonja, who is a versatile player on the Sarangi, Algoja and Morchory with their dancing queen Ms. Suwa Devi who has been performing within the group for past 20 years. She has been dancing since childhood and her talent is inherited from her mother, Ms. Bhavri Devi.

Additionally, the artists presented a dance workshop, which offered audience an opportunity to dance with the Rhythms of Rajasthan queen, Ms. Suwa Devi to explore several percussion dance steps as she engaged several women from the audience to join her.

The performers also engaged the audience with their musical talent as the audience started to clap with their revitalized beats. Instruments used by the performers were Dholak (double head drum), Khartal (wood block with jingles), and then integrating them with the Morchang (Jews Harp) and the string and wind instruments; Alogja and Pungi.

Hamdard Center has been founded since 1992 and has been serving the Greater Chicago land area to provide comprehensive multi-lingual social services to the immigrants and refugee community. They offer seven different programs ranging
from primary and mental healthcare, domestic violence services and after school youth program just a name a few.

Avani Shah, editor of Asian Media, USA had an opportunity to speak with Ms. Kiran Siddiqui of Hamdard Center, where she would like to thank Kalapriya and the Old Town Music School bestowing upon an amazing folklore enriched musical show to the seniors and the youth of Hamdard Center.

The artists are hosted by the Indian Community member Mr. Pratik Dave of Oakbrook Hospitality, Inc. For registration, please contact the box-office at (773)-728-6000 and for more information, please visit www.kalapriya.org or Rhythms of Rajasthan http://www.rajfolkseries.com/

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