Vastu Pooja for the opening of the

International University of Vedic Wellness

Dr. Mrs. Santosh Kumar founder and the Chief Executive Director of Universal Industries performing Vaastu Pooja  ceremony with family members and Sunil Shah Chairman / Founder president of FIA  

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Chicago IL: A prominent Indian American community leader Dr. Mrs. Santosh Kumar launched the International University of Vedic Wellness on Sept 8th, 2021.

Dr. Mrs. Santosh Kumar is the founder and the Chief Executive Director of Universal Industries which has been working for the well-being of the immigrant and senior population of India, and its sub-continents for 30 years. To globally promote the precious knowledge of Vedic Scriptures, the science of Vedas, Upanishads, and Hindu Philosophy to promote peace and happiness to the whole world has been Dr. Santosh Kumar’s eternal dream. To fulfill that dream she acquired two sprawling properties in Oswego and Streamwood where currently work is underway to offer the finest services related to Vedic wellness. While the Oswego location offers practical clinical procedures of Ayurveda for retreat, the Streamwood site will house the academic wing to spread the wisdom of Vedas to the future generation. To mark the new beginnings, Dr. Mrs. Santosh Kumar held a Vaastu Pooja on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023, at the Streamwood site.

The International University of Vedic Wellness is going to be a place to learn all about the mind, body, and soul. Our mission is to provide education in integrating natural techniques with modern medicine to take an integrated and balanced approach to wellness. 

IUVW is going to be the premier destination for individuals seeking to make a difference in the world through a career in restoring the natural balance of body, mind, and spirit with the insight of ancient Vedas and the science of Ayurveda.

IUVW is dedicated to giving students the finest education in the field of Vedic science, philosophy, and methodology. It will offer • Certification • Associate• Bachelors• Masters and • Ph.D. programs in Vedic studies. The university aims to recreate the Vedic era and ambiance of teaching with a confluence of modern and Vedic curricula. The courses will impart knowledge about

• Vedas & Upanishads

• Vedic Mathematics

• Ayurveda Clinical Approach

• Yoga

• Nutrition

• Homoeopathy

• Naturopathy

• Art & Music

• Devotional Chanting of Vedas

Along with the traditional curriculum, The University will focus on Extra-Curricular Activities to bring about holistic growth. These include:

• Lifestyle change seminars

• Mindfulness workshops

• Inspiring TED Talks

• Conferences on Quantum Physics and Ayurveda and

• Vedic scholarships

A value-laden educational system can be a gateway to a new world of enriching experiences for western societies struggling under a dualistic conception of existence. We are here to lead, heal and change.

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