Umiya Mataji Sanstha Chicago Midwest hosts A Grand Four Day Celebration for Third Annual Patotsav & India’s Independence Day!

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Chicago, IL: Umiya Mataji Sanstha Chicago Midwest (UMSCM) hosted Third Annual Patotsav, held at Umiya Mata Mandir at West Chicago, IL, from August 11 to August 14, 2022. The four-day festival included recital of Bhagwat Parayan for first 3 days, which included, Mahayagya, Umiya’s Grand Annakoot and Alokik Shringar Jagan Janani Darshan and on the fourth day, a Cultural Program to commemorate India’s Independence Day for Aug 15th was held.

On behalf of Umiya Mataji Santhana, the Chairman of the organization Mr. J.P. Patel, President Mr. Devendra Patel, and Secretary Shri Andi Patel, invited all the families living in Chicago and America.

The three-day Bhagwat Dasam Skand Katha Parayan was organized from August 11 to August 13 as part of the program of Umia Mataji Sansthan Chalit Tritiya Patotsav, for which Shastri Sri Dharmaswarupdasji, Swami Sanstha, had sent a special invite to Sri Swaminarayan, from Gurukul, Khirsara, Gujarat. His Guruji Shastri Sri Narayanaswarupadasji Swami also arrived with him. Every devotee who came to the festival took the benefit of his Amritamai Vani.

Bhagwat Katha was started on August 11 with Pothi Yatra and Kalash Yatra. All the devotees of the organization enthusiastically participated in the Pothi Yatra and Lord Shri Bhagwat was taken to Vyas Gadi.  On Aug 12th, at the end of the story, the aarti of Lord Krishna was performed by the main Sponsor, followed by the Mahaprasad. On Aug 13th, a beautiful description of Lord Krishna in Gokul and how Lord Krishna married Mata Rukamani was narrated by Mr. Dadramswarup Dasji, followed by Arti and Mahaprasad. Shastri Shri Narayanaswarup Dasji in his speech appreciated the management and hospitality by the organization during the Karan Divas. Krishna Janmotsav, Makhan Leela and beautiful decorations of Rukamani marriage were also made, which became the center of attraction for all. The entire atmosphere was resounding with joy and bliss.

The fourth and final day of Patotsav, was 14th August 2022, Sunday, on which the Mahayagna, which started at 9 am and completed at 4 pm, was successfully led by head priest Shri Kritarth Vyas, amidst chanting of mantras by the Brahmins. On the same day in the evening, India’s Independence Day (15th August) was celebrated by singing the American and then Indian Anthems. All the volunteers who served during these four days and throughout the year were honored.  A grand cultural program consisting of about 15 different performances was started with Deep Pragatya ( lamp Lighting) and glorification of Lord Ganapati. Kathak dance, monologues, plays, garba, songs and performances by children giving messages to the society, from small children of different institutions to the elders of the group, everyone participated enthusiastically.

After that the book of Sanskrit, Gujarati and English Mantras “Poojantray” authored & published by prepared by Umiya Mataji Sansthan was released in the presence of Chairman Mr. J.P. Patel, President Mr. Devendra Bhai Patel, Secretary Mr. Andy Patel, Maharaj Mr. Kritarth Vyas and guests. Gifts were given to the guests. A 15 minute documentary film of the organization in Gujarati and English was also shown to everyone, in which various activities taking place in the temple, festivals & celebrations and talks about the proposed new temple nirmana were included.

Sponsors donated generously for this event and every volunteer worked hard with love and dedication to help manage with the arrangements for kitchen, dining, yajna, food preparation, decoration, donation collections and parking. Thus, Shri Umiya Mataji Sansthan Chicago Midwest Third Chalit Pratistha Festival 2022, led by President Shri Devendra Bhai was celebrated with great grandeur and in four days more than 3000 devotees stayed in the Ghasaro temple, making it a very successful event for the community.

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