Cricket Legend Sunil Gavaskar launched

Illinois Cricket Association in Chicago

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Chicago IL: Cricket Legend Sunil Gavaskar inaugurated the Illinois Cricket Association [ICA] amidst ceremonious fanfare and unhinged excitement from the cricketing fraternity at Wyndham Hotel in Schaumburg, Illinois. This ceremonial launching of Illinois Cricket Association unveiled inspiring stories of triumph, spirit of charity, robust pursuit and enthusiastic stewardship to advance cricket in Illinois; while lending formidable partnership to Gavaskar’s Heart2Heart Foundation. The launching ceremony attracted Chicago community’s prominent business, civic and community leaders who joined in the inaugural ceremony hosted in partnership with Indian American Business Council.

The greatest cricketer of all times Sunil Gavaskar shared the remarkable episodes of his cricketing journey that was replete with his magnificent record-breaking performances on the pitch particularly against some of the world’s hostile fast bowlers. Inaugurating Illinois Cricket Association, Cricket Legend Sunil Gavaskar congratulated the leadership of Illinois Cricket Association and praised them for their vision in launching an ambitious cricket tournament enlisting youth in Midwest America. Sunil Gavaskar in his heart-to-heart conversation recalled the glorious innings he played and added now he has embarked on a new altruistic journey batting for the children with congenital heart ailments and to provide them with free corrective surgeries.

Nagasubramaniam ‘Subbu’ Iyer, President of Illinois Cricket Association in his welcome address reverentially thanked Cricket Legend Sunil Gavaskar for his legendary presence and praised Sunil Gavaskar as a man with a genuine heart for Cricket and Humanity. Laying out the overview of Illinois Cricket Association, President Nagasubramaniam Iyer said our long-term objective is to acquire cricket-designated land and build the necessary infrastructure. He introduced the ICA core Team including Naresh Chauhan, Palak, Nick, Swapnil, Vinod, Shernik & Nirav – the team he said is vigorously committed to “One team & One dream’.

Ajeet Singh, President of Indian American Business Council in his remarks heaped admiration on the enthusiastic cricket teams, captains and the cricket fraternity and said the palpable excitement augurs well for an exciting drive of youngsters taking up cricket passionately. Ajeet Singh said with the ceremonial launch of Illinois Cricket Association by Cricket Legend Sunil Gavaskar sets in motion a significant trajectory of growth of cricket in the Midwest.

Dr. Sreenivas Reddy, Chair of the Illinois Medical Board in his remarks hailed Sunil Gavaskar as one of the greatest cricketer of all times and a cricketer with a heart of compassion and added, he is a true champion for the children afflicted with congenital heart conditions and praised him for saving the lives of children by providing free access to life-saving surgeries to the poor parents.

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, Chair, Indian American Business Council served as the moderator in Heart to Heart conversation with Cricket Superstar described Gavaskar as a Global Cricket Superstar, towering humanitarian and a man with a golden heart.

Dr. Suresh Reddy, Trustee of Oakbrook Village introduced Sunil Gavaskar and presented a special proclamation from the village of Oakbrook extolling the cricket hero and his distinguished cricketing career.

Earlier, the inaugural ceremony began with the lamp lighting ceremony joined by Cook County Commission Kevin Morrison, State Rep Michelle Mussman, Dr. Sreenivas Reddy, Ajeet Singh, Subbu Iyer, Dr. Suresh Reddy, Vinesh Virani, Naresh  Sunil Shah, Neil Khot, Asha & Anil Oraskar, Mafat Patel, Dr. Nilesh Patel, Dr. & Mrs. Bhupinder Beri, Murugesh Kasilingam, Vinita Gulabani,,Hitesh Gandhi,Vibha Rajput, Abir Maru, Satish Dadepogu – while Naresh Chauhan Vice President of Illinois Cricket Association along with his team honored Sunil Gavaskar with shawl and flower bouquet. Mr. Arvind Thiagarajan presented an overview of Heart2Heart Foundation and how it actively saves the lives of children afflicted with congenital heart conditions.

Prachi Jaitly conducted the event as an Emcee; while Nick Verma, Director, ICA proposed a vote of thanks that was followed by a private dinner. 

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