Celebrating Success with Sunderkand

A remarkable journey that started 25 years ago with our first ever publication Sandesh USA Inc Since then, the group has organized countless successful events, concerts, cultural shows that brought the Indian traditions to America

Chicago, IL – Hi India, the trusted publication of Indian Americans, recently marked one of its biggest milestones with a devotional Sunderkand event that was much loved by the community.

To celebrate its 25 successful years in media and event management, the weekly newspaper and publishing house invited world famous devotional singer and garba exponent Atul Purohit all the way from India.

The Sunderkand event took place at St Louis on July 29, which saw an attendance of more than 600 people. The religious event then had its another edition at Chicago  at Hanuman Temple of Greater Chicago, Glenview, IL. where more than 1000 people gathered to hear the singer and his unique rendition. On July 31, at Dallas more than 800 people turned up to watch this rare symphony of devotional piece that was masterfully executed by Atul Purohit.

Thanks to Staff and volunteers of Hanuman Temple of Greater Chicago who  work tirelessly in this successfully organized event.

Sunderkand is the tale or katha of Lord Rama and Hanuman. The event was completed with an aarti and sumptuous dinner reminding one of the taste and palate of India.

While the event in itself was wonderfully planned keeping the momentous occasion and devotional sentiment of the community in mind, what made it really popular was the presence of Atul Purohit. Anyone who has ever attended a Navratri event anywhere around the globe, knows what Atul Purohit’s music means to the masses. But it is not just his garba events that have a magnetic appeal. Over the years, his bhajans, lok sangeet, folk music and even Hindi ghazals have kept the audience mesmerized.

Atul Purohit’s popularity is so immense that some time back he got his name patented, which is a first for any artist in Gujarat. He took this step as scores of people has been using his name, videos and music without due permissions. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is Atul Purohit who has revived and retained the magic of garba for not just Gujaratis but has acquainted the world with lovely piece of folk tradition.

For Hi India, the weekly newspaper who has felt the pulse of the community for more than two decades now, it was an obvious choice to devote this unparalleled feat with this extraordinary event.

During its tenure spanning 25 years, Hi India has consistently brought to the fore truth for the community. The timely, unbiased reportage has ensured that it remains a trusted news source for Indians in America.

From giving the readers a slice of nostalgia and news from their motherland every weekend to highlighting Indian American achievers and change makers in the US, the newspaper has been able to keep up with the mood of the current Indian American generation.

Taking deep pride in bringing our culture and nuances to America which is our home now, Hi India has been organizing various events, concerts and evenings that bring our unique culture to America.

For those who cannot have enough of Atul Purohit’s performances, there is more good news in store as after a spell of six long years, in the month of September-October 2022, Atul Purohit will be performing across all major cities in the US.

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