03-09-2018 Fragrance of melody exhilarated the fans of International Singers Day

Chicago, IL: Where words fail, music speaks. This saying was truly highlighted on International Singers Day on March 9th at Ashton Place, in Willowbrook, Illinois. Organized by Desi Talent, Urdu Samaj of Chicago and AB entertainment, the event attracted about 300 fans, including social dignitaries of Illinois.

From concept to the curtain dropping, recognizing and selecting the local singing talents to arranging proper award for them, Ali Khan, Founder of Singer’s Day Chicago /and President of Urdu Samaj of Chicago, played a pivotal role and he was ably assisted by his equally talented partner Altaf Bukhari of AB Entertainment.

“It was my dream to recognize local talents at a mega level because they make us happy every week and yet, they stay in the background,” said elated Khan on the success of his dream project.

The keynote speaker was Neeta Bhushan, Consul General of India, based in Chicago. Anil Loomba, CEO of Home Mortgage Solutions, was pleased with the community’s response to the event. The emcee of the gala event, Shabana Rahman, and the event coordinator, Prachi Jaitley, received applause for their outstanding performance.

International Singers Day (ISD) Award winners included Mahijit Virdi, Sameer Saini, ParwazEkram, Bhupendra Singh, Manmeet Kaur, MuzaffarQureshi, Pratibha Jairath, ShailaKhedkar, Farah Salam, Mona K Bhalla, and Mukarram Mahmood.

“Our Special thanks go to our very own Ms. Neeta Bhushan, Consul General of India, Chicago, for her esteemed presence. Also, our thanks go to Mr. Anil Loomba, Syed Hussaini, Sunil Shah, Neil Khot and Trustee KhajaMoinuddin”, said Ali Khan. The program was full of exuberance and excitement and created some beautiful memories for those who attended.

The organizing team also appreciated two volunteers Harsh Desai and ShariqBukhari who demonstrated hard work, commitment and their support.

The organizers were also pleased with the support of their sponsors and guests for making the event memorable.

The audience loved the program thoroughly enjoyed the award ceremony that recognized the dynamic, versatile, and gifted vocalists.

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