03-20-2018 Write-in Vote for Frank Avila Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

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Write-in Vote for Frank Avila


Write-in Vote for


Commissioner of the Metropolitan

Water Reclamation District for the

Unexpired 2 year Bradford Vacancy

Frank Avila is a write-in Candidate for the Tim Bradford Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Vacancy in the Democratic March, 2018 Primary. No names will be listed for this position. We need your help. Please write-in “FRANK AVILA” for the Bradford vacancy and tell your friends to vote for Frank Avila. Frank Avila will protect our water supply source Lake Michigan, the environment, and the health and welfare of the public.

Frank Avila is married with two children, an Environmentalist, Eagle Scout, former U.S. Army Captain, and an Attorney.

 The three main goals are the better treatment of wastewater to water quality, including ways to treat the pharmaceutical drugs in the wastewater which are changing our ecosystem. And number three, better flood management and flood control. Stopping flooding, working with municipalities, getting green space to stop flooding and better use of water management